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Forearms: The Forgotten Body Part


Simply put, I have small calves and forearms. My observation has been if one is undersized, the other is also.

Now here's my issue; I pounded my caves with a boatload of body weight reps five times a week with some small but happy to have gains. I pounded my forearms the same way with wrist roles. Not sure that's the correct term, the ones that use weights connected via rope to a broom handle. The bastards will not grow.

Does anyone have any idea how to get these puppies to grow? I am not looking for Popeye forearms but man; give me something for my work!


I'm not a fan of direct forearm work, and I've never tried these before, but try fat gripz from elitefts


Fat grips are a good idea, but I myself don't do any direct forearm work either.


I do some grip work, but I do a lot of forearm intense lifting too.


I have zero idea what that is, can you help?


I do some shrugs and lower cable rows with a relatively heavy weight. I wondered if there was any direct work and or reps that would help.


Try some very heavy holds with different size grips and styles. Train pinch and well as crush grip. Try doing over hand barbell or axle holds for no longer than 30 seconds. I know kinda doesn't make since but my forearms never responded to light weight high rep stuff. I need heavy hold at different grips. Also remember reverse curls and hammer curls as well.


They're these thick grips that fit over barbells/dumbbells that increase forearm activation and increases grip strength. Go to elitefts website to see, you can do a ton of different lifts with them


Try pullups with a Metolius board, or rock rings.


I owe my meaty forearms to regular pullups with fat gymnast rings and those. I don't do curls.
Or use a fat bar for every lift. That'll do it.



And for calves stop doing bw exercises and start doing weight. Lots of reps hold the stretch and contraction. You should be in intense pain in the end


Get a stick and tie some rope to it in the middle. Get you a couple of old, rusty 10 pound plates. Tie rope through center of plates with about 3' of space from stick to plates.

Grab stick with both hands (palms down) having each hand equal space from knot tied to stick. Pick up slightly so plates aren't touching floor. Proceed to work hands in twisting motion getting rope around stick until plates are up to stick. Repeat until your forearms are toast.

There is actually a civilized one of these you can find in most sporting goods stores.

I do a lot of forearms like this for grip strength. One of the best ways to increase punching power and hand strength in BJJ.


lift heavy things off the ground. hold heavy things.


Also, I use a rice bucket. My sons are pitchers and they use them for hand/forearm strength. You can look at videos on youtube that show you how to do it easier than I can explain it.


Get bucket
Put Rice in Bucket
Put hands in Rice
Squeeze Rice in different ways

Also take a newspaper when you are done, lay your hand in the middle of the paper and crumple each page into as tight a ball as you can.


Biggest factor I noticed is SQUEEZE THE FUCKING BAR/DUMBBELL/HANDLE or whatever with errything u got.


I bought the forearm bar by Monster Barbell. I use it 2-3 times weekly at about 12 total sets and it's brought my forearms up nicely for a small guy like myself.


Yes, and don't use straps!


Get a full time job as a plumber.


Like deadlifts? How much should I be able to single in the deadlift until I get big forearms?


Ya, that's the one I do and poorly explained in my post. It just doesn't seem to get the job done. Hell of a pump though!