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Forearms Overpowering Biceps

Not sure if this is the right place to post this. I need help bringing up my biceps. They’re growing but my forearms are staring to out grow them. I cant figure out a way to curl without getting a sick forearm pump. I appreciate help with this if anyone has had this problem.
I’ve tried many different grips, angle, ect. Attaching bands to get a peek contraction. I think I have a pretty good mind muscle conection…but still no change. Starting to look like Popeye…

lol, well it looks like the problem’s all in your head, but if you’re really worried about it, I’ve always found cable curls where you really squeeze at the top seem to take the forearm out. You could really be sneaky and try them with your wrist cocked back, too.

Another curl I’ve found to be all biceps is the prone incline curl. You lie face down on a bench set to an incline, let your arms hang straight down and curl them up. What I’ve found to help is to think less about curling your hands up, but flexing your biceps instead. Gets a good ole squeeze.

All about that MMC, broseph

I’m sure a lot of this effect will fade away as your biceps (and upper arms in general) continue to grow.

In the meantime, Larry Scott used to advocate Keeping your wrists “cocked back” when curling to de-emphasize the forearm flexors. Possibly give that a go


Lol… maybe all in my head. I have tried laying on an Incline bench and curling up. I got ok results…I’ll starting doing them more. Thanks

Tried that also…curled with Kettle bells for a while to get my wrist back. Same results…my biceps grew a little but my forearms just kept getting sore and growing. Thanks

Use the thinnest possible diameter barbell or handles for your curls. The tighter grip will help take forearms out and focus on bi’s.

Wider grip spreads the work out more.

Also, don’t forget your tri’s.

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