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Forearms Hurting Constantly

It looks like my forearms had a tough beating but I think this should be one of the tougher muscles that don’t need explicit training.

It might be that I upped the poundage a lot on chins and dips as I used to do 10 reps minimum of dips and chins with very light weights. Now I do 3 rep maxes that sometimes make me do 2 as max.

It’s as if they are constantly aching sometimes intensely. I use a transdermal cream with some pain killing capacity, against strong rheumatism. Sometimes it’s necessary.

Should I do something like for shoulder like external rotations equivalent for forearms? Or should I just make my forearms bigger and do some isolation exercises for forearms like forearm curls?

Many thanks.


If they are constantly hurting dont add more work directly to them rest them. Also yes you might try working the antagonist of your grip press out against rubber bands wrapped around your fingers

That and getting used to it slowly the body will adapt but you should not have to be walking around everyday rubbing pain gel on them


I used to get something akin to shin splints in my forearms when ever I would be going heavy plus doing curls with the straingth olympiuc bar (also with heavy weight).

If this is your case, I would suggest

  1. try not to grip so hard on all of your exercises for a while to give the forearms a break. For example, for chins and BO rows, use a thumbless grip and focus using your hands like hooks.

  2. Use a ez curl bar; note that this will take some of the focus away from the biceps, but I found it does not aggravate the condition as much.

  3. ice your foreams when your done for about 20 minutes to alleviate swelling.

Note: these are temporary measures meant to work around an injury. If it doesn’t get better, you may need to seek out a professional.

If it’s just DOMS (muscle soreness) then dip your forearms in ice water and put a bit of ice rub on them. Also if you are that hard core with your grip exercises then mix in a day of gripless training:

front squats
weighted push ups
L-sits on dip bars
zercher (oh yeah) good mornings
hand stand push ups
etc. etc.

If one day is particularly heavy grip then makes sure the next one isn’t.


If you are doing lots of pulling, then you can build up a lot of volume for your grip. Many different lifts can work it.

Heavy chins, deads, farmers walks, rows and so on can work your grip hard.

Definitely consider opposing muscle groups, as suggested. Maybe some reverse curling also. I am assuming your pain is muscular… otherwise you’ll want to figure out what is going on.

Thanks for the suggestions guys. I will do some reverse forearms curls and try to use my hands more as hooks.

When I use the hands just as hooks they glide out of their grip especially on the deadlift though.

Reverse forearm curls are now my rotator cuff exercises for the arms.

Thanks again,