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Forearms Hurt


Okay so i have searched and couldn't find anything on this. if anyone can please correct my site search skills. I am getting ready for a meet march 12. Long story short.

whenever i bench the outside of my forearms get this aching pain. directly under where my pinkie finger is. i told a trainer there who is a PL. and he says its just from pressing heavy. But the thing is they hurt even when i warm up. If its just part of lifting heavy then i will suck it up. But i was just trying to gather insight, as to see if there is a potential problem. I use wrist wraps when i go heavy. and i think i have correct form.

Any info would be appreciated.


While I can't offer any true medical advice, I did that this problem a few weeks ago. I basically avoided doing any heavy pressing for a week or two and did a lot of stretching for my wrists and forearms. I slowly worked my way back into pressing and not it doesn't hurt nearly as bad as it did, though if I do too much volume at a heavy weight it will start to hurt again slightly. Some people say fat grips and fat bars help because it disperses that pressure over a larger area in your palm, so you might give that a shot after at least a good week of solid rest. A solid pair of tight wrists wraps when pressing help a ton as well.

Like I said, no true medical advice, but that is my experience with that issue. Take it for what it's worth.


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Thank you for your advice. i will see how i can incorporate this with my meet coming up.


I will try that, thanks!


If you use a computer a lot (mouse/typing) your forearms can get very stiff, which doesn't help by the time you get to the gym. I keep a tennis ball on my desk which I use to massage my forearms every so often.


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