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Forearms/Hands Going Numb

Hello all. This is my first post here at what seems to be an awesome community. I can’t wait to become a regular!

I have been lifting somewhat seriously for about the last 10 months now, and recently I’ve noticed that if my bicep is contracted for a few minutes time (with forearm touching top of bi), my forearm and hand goes completely numb. It happens with both arms.

This just started happening, and it becomes a real pain especially at night when I’m trying to sleep. Does anybody else get this? I’ve been pretty strict with my lifting the past 2 months, and my bi’s have definitely grown. I think I may be cutting off circulation somewhere.

Does anyone else get this, or am I the only weirdo with this?

Go into the author’s areas and look for Eric Cressey’s writings. He has written a lot about shoulder, elbow and wrist issues.

PS (he’s a genius)