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Forearms are Damn Small


So I've been training for what I think is pretty good for the last few months. I've gained some size and whatnot but I've noticed one thing, my forearms are damn small and I think as equally as weak. I was wondering what you guys did for forearms, if you even do anything in particular. Mine are just pathetic and I feel that they are way to weak for where I am. I appreciate any advice.


Reverse curls. I measured them recently and my forearms are as big as my biceps used to be. This is the only forearm exercise I ever did.






try to avoid using straps for your lifts. As you get stronger, your grip will get stronger too.


Once a week I do a 3x6 of heavy DB wrist curls and reverse curls.

Every 3 weeks I do a Forearm ‘quadrilogy’

10reps Reverse wrist curls
10reps Side wrist curls (hang you arm at your side and flex your wrist towards and away from you with a weight)
10reps Supination/pronation with a weight
10reps Wrist curls (usually with a higher weight than the rest)

Then do it 3 times. You’ll feel the best forearm pump ever.

Beware though, don’t expect to do deadlifts or anything grip dependent afterwards.


Reverse curls, wrist curls, plate pinches (hold a plate using only your finger tips for a minute), towel pull-ups, sledge hammer wrist rotations. Save these exercises for the end of your workout otherwise you’ll burn out your grip strength and the rest of your lifts will suffer.


Awesome guys! Thanks a ton.


deadlifts, pull ups, will work your forearms very well


Wrist rollers always worked best for me. throw 5 pounds on it and go till you can’t move.


pull ups, deadlifts, porn


and farmer carries


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But remember to alternate :slight_smile:


Thors’ Hammer.

I think in the past 8yrs I’ve done 12 wrist “exercises” ever. I have small wrists for the size of my arms…but they haven’t slowed me down.

Don’t get caught up on the small stuff man.