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Forearms and Shin Pain

I am finding I am having high amounts of pain in my forearms when training at the gym, mostly on Bi. Last time I trained it got so bad I had to finish early because the pain was so bad. I am also getting pain to a lesser extent in my shins. I am currently running 600mg EW test, 60mg ED Var and .5mg EOD Adex. Do you guys have any ideas to try to eleviate some of this pain?

I get the same thing - it may be the AAS if you have used for a decent length of time, but it isn’t for me as i have had it ages.

It feels (to me) like it is shin-splints of the forearm - is yours the same thing?

I think it is with mine, and i have shin splints too! Both are a nasty, really strange type of pain… not like a knife cut but very different. On the bone (which makes sense when you know what the pain is caused by IMO).

Anyway - IF it is what i think,. you need to rest it. So avoid the work that makes it hurt, and do that for quite some time as as soon as you start up, it will begin again.

Then you need to slowly strengthen the muscles in the forearm - a proper rehab type plan.

IME shinsplints seem to be one of the longer rehab-ing injuries when you consider how common and ‘basic’ it is.

But it may be something different with you… :wink:

I used to get terrible, crippling shin splints. The way I finally cured it, after many months of agony and I don’t know how many hours of research, was by going through a very thorough analysis of my workout program and finally realizing that it was very seriously lacking and that I was unbalanced as hell (at the time, I was in my early 20’s and not working legs, only working upper body, and running all the time…you can come to some pretty quick conclusions from that, I’ll bet).

It was not so simple as to just start doing squats. Although, believe it or not, starting squats and a balanced lower-body program did get rid of the shin splints temporarily. I had to later readjust my program based upon adaption to the previous one, but I finally figured out how to design well balanced programs for my particular body and needs, and I am extremely happy to say that I have not had a recurrence of shin splints in years now.

And I do know how excruciating they are to endure, and I do agree with Brook’s…sorry, J-J’s suggestion of just laying off for a time and recovering before attempting to fix the problem.

Also I’m not saying that what I’ve described above would work for either you or J-J, but it did work for me, and I had em bad.

One thing I forgot to mention: when all else failed, new shoes were the answer! New Balance makes some absolutely top-notch shoes for every need. I highly, highly recommend that brand.

Now, as far as your forearms are concerned. I have not got a single clue, and have never even heard of “forearm splints…”

For shin splints arnica cream can also help. I sprinted in college and found that it does help lessen the pain and inflammation.

I have the same pain in my forearms, and it happens w/ or w/o AAS. I would avoid exercises, like JJ said, that make them hurt. I can no longer do any type of curls with a straight bar as I would be in agony.

I get the same pain in my forearms have had it for years I cant do curls at all sometime I get away with hammer curls and reverse grip. But for the most part it hurts so bad I can’t close my hand. Hurts the worst when you re-rack a dumbell after a set of curls… It sucks, I have tried everything and the only thing that helps a bit is wrapping your whole forearm. tight with acebangage or tape… Same with shin splints it compresses it a bit and keeps the pain down… Only problem is it dont look that cool to have wraps on your arms the whole time you train… Let me know if you find anythiung that helps…

I’m not sure if my experience is the same as yours, but I get tendinitis pain extending down one of my forearms, as well as at the elbow, where it originates. It hurts at the forearm when shaking hands, which definitely doesn’t do me a lot of good on the professional level; the elbow area hurts after some lifting sessions (back, bi), and often in the morning, presumably after the tendon area has tightened up somewhat.

Typical tendinitis treatment (for the common lateral epicondylitis (tennis elbow) version) includes a combination of massage, ice / compression for short periods immediately after lifting, stretching the wrist extensor muscle, eccentric wrist exercises, laying off curls and whatever else makes the pain worse, and keeping good blow flow to the area to encourage healing.

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Hey Vatic! Good news, I think I can help you out here. After suffering through very much the same thing, debilitating shin splints and a horrible fore arm tendinitis I was able to apply a few small changes that solved both problems.

Both shin and fore arms are being caused by inflammation. So to directly fight the inflammation you need to find an anti-inflammatory. Green tea is great. Fish and berries also posses powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Biotest sells a supplement called Flameout which sounds perfect for you. Even though Ibuprofen has anti-inflammatories I prefer not to use it.

Secondly Cortes was dead-on about the shoes. You need shoes with good cushioning to avoid shin splints. Dont be cheap with your shoes. New Balance does make some exceptionally good shoes. I know that since I’ve been buying and wearing their shoes for years.

I’m not sure about the arnica cream that 11.31 suggested but it sounds pretty good. I just used regular hand cream and massaged my shins and forearms to break up the scar tissue that had built up. Massage the areas toward your heart. Massaging will help you heal faster than you would believe.

For mt arms, I didnt stop working out, I simply changed my workout. Dont use the straight bar for bicep curls so much. You’ll find that using the E-Z bar will benefit you greatly.

Also, look at your running style. I’m willing to bet that your a ‘heel striker’ meaning thats the first part of your foot that hits the ground. You need to put some real effort into this but if you can train yourself to be a fore foot runner you’ll see the shin splints disappear immediately. Heres a link that shows an example of a forefoot striker vs. a heel striker. And ‘NO’ you dont need these shoes to run like this.


This was a bit much but its what solved my problems. There is no ONE answer to inflammation, you need to work on it from every angle you can.

I was having a lot of pain in my forearm when I would place the dumbells or EZ curl bar back in the holder - it was like an achy pain that seemed to be right in the bone.

It could have been coincidence but I found that taping my wrist helped a lot. Get the tough fabric tape and tape in C-shaped portions on either side of your wrist to help avoid cutting off the circulation. That means don’t wrap it around and around. Cut smaller portions that don’t quite make it around your whole wrist and alternate back and forth to cover the gap in the previous piece if you know what I mean and build it up to a thickness that supports your wrist.

BTW - andrew_live you should change your avatar. You look sleep deprived and I get depressed and irritable when I see it. The shot is so close I can see every detail of the bags under your eyes. Represent Ontario man not Zombieland…

I seem to be hearing this quite a bit. New photo on its way. But hey! I’m a sleepy guy. I’m ordering some Flameout, maybe the extra anti-inflammatories will will me rest better.

i am new to lifting, but after 6 months i developed a small bump in the middle of my forearm it shot a pain threw the whole forearm when i was at the top of a curl (only on preacher) or when i was setting it down or putting a dumbbell back. one thing that helps is to set it down. grip it very tight and slowly release. it doesn’t hurt as much. but what im trying to figure out is how and why i got it.

oh shit man that sounds gruesome, best bet would be to go get that checked. The whole ‘bump’ part just rings of ‘terrible things to come’. On second thought though, have you tried icing it to see if the bump goes away?

naw i haven’t tried that actually. hmm i will give that a shot, was hoping it might just slowy go away but its not… might have to get it checked out

[quote]Vatic wrote:
I am finding I am having high amounts of pain in my forearms when training at the gym, mostly on Bi. Last time I trained it got so bad I had to finish early because the pain was so bad. I am also getting pain to a lesser extent in my shins. I am currently running 600mg EW test, 60mg ED Var and .5mg EOD Adex. Do you guys have any ideas to try to eleviate some of this pain?[/quote]

I used to play semi-pro baseball and had shin splints so bad this one year that I’d run for a ball (I played center field), I’d make the catch, chuck the ball in and literally fall to the ground holding my shins… When I’d get my massages it was painful to touch, much like a knife cutting the meat from my bones.

Coach suggested I see a sports doctor that specializes in feet, etc. I can’t recall “exactly” what they’re called… Long story short, I pronate and the running I was doing on the streets, in conjunction with my natural pronation, was causing me my shin splints… Recommendation: Orthotics and/or go with a New Balance running shoe (as mentioned above by someone)… I used to pull the inserts out and use my orthotics for about a year, but then NB created a really stable “pronater” shoe so I don’t need my orthotics…

As for the forearm pain, tendonitis is my bet… Go see a doctor for it’s a 5 second test to determine for sure… It’s a no brainer… I used to get it a lot when I found I was over-working my arms in the gym…

As for the dude with the “bump”…


Is it in the middle of your forearm?

I broke my wrist when I was around 20 punching someone out… I continued to work out with a broken wrist (scaphoid bone to be exact) for about a year (I have a very high pain tollerance and the doctor I had at the time never did an X-Ray and just assumed it was tendonitis). I remember doing heavy shrugs and curls and such and the bone would literally “pop” out and I’d just slam it back into place and continue my sets… Eventually it got so bad I saw a different doctor, who gave me an X-Ray and I had to go in for surgey to have a pin put in it…

I’d be down having this looked at right away…