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Forearms and curls

While doing seated alternating dumbell curls (german volume training) I noticed that my Forearms started hurting first. The area between the hand and elbow, in the middle. This has happened before. Was it beacuse i didn’t warm them up too? It hurt when I did a set of barbell curls afterwards too. My hands are a little shaky yet even. Whats wrong?

I’m also interested in this as I have the exact same problem. Barbell, dumbbell, french (Freedom?) curls all result in horrible pain on the outside of my forearms. I could never seem to figure out why and it was a strong deterrent for me to work my biceps in any significant way.

If you want to take the forearms out of the curls w/ the seated db curls let your wrists extend fully using a supinated grip. It also might be a good idea to thoroughly stretch your forearms prior to your exercises.

I had this pain as well. I was told they were forearm splints. Straight bar curls really irritated them the most. I avoided the exercises that aggravated the situation and substituted them for something else, the pain was still there but I just worked through it and they eventually went away.

I have the same problem, and it has kept me from doing a significant amount of biceps. For that reason, I feel my biceps are another weak point of mine. I don’t feel any work in my bis when I do curls or anything like that. Any non-forearm hurting suggestions?

While this could be forearm splints, it could also be that your biceps can take more weight than your forearms. I had this problem. Once I worked on forearm strength, the problem went away.

I agree with machine. It sounds like you are flexing your forearms/ squeezing hands as you are curling up. Try to relax your hands and bend them away from your ody as you come up