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Forearm/Wrist Pain


I’ve had a pain on the ulnar side of my wrist whenever I supinate my forearm to the extreme, at first I thought it was a TFCC injury but it doesn’t seem likely (thank God!). Anyway I saw a physio today who said my wrist was fine but I have some inflammation on my mid forearm on the ulnar side. He didn’t really seem to know or felt it would be breaking some secret physio code to tell me what was inflamed.

So I remember about two months ago I was learning military press and stupidly dropped the bar from the bottom portion of the lift to my waist whilst holding on to the bar. I got a slight pain in my mid forearm on the ulnar side exactly where the physio said was inflamed.

The question is what happened to my arm? Could anyone tell me what tendons or muscles would be put under acute stress in that movement?

I had a similar instance happen to me. The only thing that will help this is rest unfortunately…odds are you did no real damage. I personally cannot take time away from the gym, and have not for years (I’m afraid I’ll leave and not “feel” like going back). Its been a little over a year and I still cannot do straight bar curls because of the pain. Sorry but rest is the only answer…

Yeah it seems like it. I work out at home, so every time I walk past my weights I try and figure what I can do to work around my arm and realise there is very little I can do. I tried zercher squats the other day. My arm felt great, thing is I have amazingly tight quads and hadn’t been stretching them so now I have searing pain under my kneecap! On the plus side I have doms in my quads and glutes again. Oh how I miss the doms!

[quote]Wooster wrote:
I have amazingly tight quads and hadn’t been stretching them [/quote]

I wonder what you could possibly work on during your downtime… :slight_smile:

Yeah I have to get back stretching, but stretching without working out is like foreplay without sex. Not much fun

Try getting some ART therapy on the wrist