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Forearm Troubles With Bicep Exercises

Hey guys, sort of a specific question.

Based on this image:

I believe the muscle that always gives me trouble when doing bicep exercises such as preacher curls or barbell curls is the Flexor Carpi Ulnaris, and it hurts usually right in the very middle of the forearm. I basically cannot do barbell curls at all - my left forearm (and it’s never my right) just can’t handle it. The only exercise that I can really pack the weight on for biceps is the hammer curl. No matter how long I rest that arm, it always gives me trouble. So I’m wondering if anyone knows what is wrong or if there are ways for me to correct this problem. For a while I’ve used a tennis ball to massage the area before I start lifting on days when I do arms, and it doesn’t seem to be doing much.


A lot of people can’t do curls with a bar - just use dumbells.

I have a couple friends who’ve experienced the same problem to a lesser extent. For example, one of them can’t go above a certain weight on BB preacher curl otherwise the pain in his forearm becomes unbearable.
My advice would be to visit a specialist, try osteopathy it worked for me when I f*cked something up in my right arm and basically couldn’t workout at all.

sometimes direct forearm work such as wrist curls and reverse wrist curls can help with this. I know i have an old injury from when i broke my wrist; if i dont do direct forearm work; the injury (or condition) resurfaces; but if i do direct forarm work im fine… something to think about

I found that if I just work through it, my forearms grow and eventually get strong enough to do it without issue. To me, it feels like more of an overworked muscle than injury-in-the-making. I have a feeling that forarms undergo tremendous stress when doing curl variations.

[quote]HoratioSandoval wrote:
A lot of people can’t do curls with a bar - just use dumbells.[/quote]

Why, oh why, does anyone even have to be told this? Doesn’t common sense dictate that if something hurts, do something else? Especially if you can do something else that does the same function and get the same result?

OP, try using an EZ curl bar. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with using dumb bells. Use your head. Think.

Do you keep your hands in neutral alignment with your forearms? Cranking your hands in will easily cause this on any type of curl (except you can’t do this in a hammer, so no pain).

I used to have this problem a lot, and the problem always was that my forearms were weaker than biceps; once my forearm strength went up from deadlifting a lot the problem went away.

I have a similar problem, it feels like the muscle is going to tear off the bone.

i just switched to doing Perfect Curls.