Forearm Training

I make something for my forearms training ( i need ) i would like to know if it is good

wrist curl supersets ( pronation-supination) 15-20 reps
Hammer curl (8-12 reps)
2 x time by week after my classic training house or rest day

Just its better to execute wrist curl supination standing ? or seated ? for make more safe and avoid the possibility of injury


I’ve been lifting for 30 yrs and I can’t say that I’ve ever seen any results from forearm isolation exercises. I’m sure it’s an individual and/or genetic thing. Some men have a fairly large forearm bone structure and more forearm muscle naturally. Mine are small to begin with so maybe that’s why.
In the past year and a half though I’ve finally prioritized working on my pull up strength and I think that has done more good than anything else I’ve ever done. For many men just doing heavy gripping exercises may be the better way to go. Pull ups, deadlifts, shrugs with heavy dumbbells, etc. Save your energy for those types of exercises, especially for a beginner.


It is useful strength too. I used to rock climb (a bit of competitive climbing too), and that will increase size for most. I also had elbow issues a bunch while training for climbing.


grip work is absolutely a better way to build forearm strength and size than something like wrist curls. Wrist curls are utterly useless for this purpose.


i training for a time, of course not 30 year, i just stop a lot of time, because party, drinking, reading and so on, so i have some notion of bodybuilding and i read some book.
My forearms don’t progress, they don’t grow, and they a very long, somethime i really feel that they don’t follow the rest part of my body, and i know that if they grow up a bit, i can get more “power” and resistance, i want them more resistant, somethime i work hard in my life, and they are week i feel that, if i kick i feel that they my wrist a weak.

so what did u suggest like exercices that i can add when i don’t do my fullbody, if i want make them more bigger and resistant ? i want when i will be ready to learn fighting, for the moment i prefere to focus in the training and grow up, 67 kilo for 1m80, i would like 75 kilo/80 inchallah

dragon in my full body i don’t do all of the time pull up so that is complicated to depend only of this exercices, and i can do 15/20 pull up…
For the chest i use dumbell but also Dips and barbell and i don’t feel anythings in my forearms still a long time.

When i will get a good phone, i will take picture of my body in a training, that will be more easy for u and for me, to take good advice, thank again for your help

I’m assuming you don’t speak English, so I don’t blame you, but I cannot understand what you’re trying to say here.

Basically, what everyone else has said is this:

1). Pullups have helped grow forearms.

2). If you are a beginner (and small and weak), then do pullups, deadlifts, shrugs, etc. to grow your forearms while also growing your body.

3). Rock climbing, and other similar activites that stress your grip (hands, fingers) do really well.

4). Grip work is better than trying to isolate your forearms with wrist curls and similar movements.

You said you often stop training to party, drink, and read…I’m assuming it’s more of the first two. You’re a beginner then. Follow steps #1-#4.

If you can do 15-20 pull ups I’d start adding some resistance, like holding a 20lb dumbbell between your legs and start doing sets using 5-8 reps.
Also, at the end of your workout just grab a pair of heavy dumbbells and just hold them at your side for as long as you can, like 30 seconds for as much weight as you can hold. Do a few sets of those. You can do shrugs at the same time and get double benefit.

Can confirm.

I used to use a lot of campus boards and the like, definitely did the job for me.

Reverse curls + rarely to never using straps ftw!

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i can’t climb for the moment, and i didn’t have so much time. I just think that forearms activation depend of peoples whatever if you are begginer or not.
Some peoples are slender, they forearms will not grow that if you have short segment…
It is like if you telling me that Squat and so on and with the time your calf will grow, it is not right.

You use everydays your forearms, for a lot of things, so for most peoples i think that they need to work them, by climb and so on a bit.

Dragon and gorilla i will do just your exercices in the last of my training reverse curls and hold dumbbell 3x by week


What’s your current height and weight?

1m80 68 kilo

5’9", 150lb for those of you that are metrically challenged : ^ )

My forearms have been blowing up doing TRX chin/pull-ups with Fat Gripz and pulling a sled with a shipping rope.

I guess blowing up is a strong statement, my my grip is definitely not a limiting factor for me in any big lift.

sled with a shipping rope ? if u have a video or other i don’t understand thx

i want learn boxing after i got some weight, so i also think that forearms are important, i just try to find a good routine, not to much or not enough, a day by week or 2, also because i dont training in the gym club for the moment, so don’t have the same workout when i training in my house, i was thinking that can to be a good idea before to go back in the gym club

but if you tell me that just deadfit and so on is enough why not, but i just dont’ feel my forearms

Glad you asked


Yup. I climb more than I lift…with long sleeves on you’d never know I’ve worked out before. With short sleeves on it’s quite apparent.

However, that’s after 6 years of regular climbing, so it’s probably not the most efficient use of time, but maybe a nice addition to lifting. Lift heavy shit, don’t ever use straps, and add extra grip training to leg days. Ta-da.

Watch the shit that guys like Odd Haugen and Mark Felix can do. They don’t stress about wrist curls.

aha damnit that look good, only things for the moment i live in a shit city without any places

Shralpinist maybe i will try to training climbing when this virus will be quiet, sor for the moment wrist or if u have some good exercices for the grip and so on send to me, i will use fatgripz for pull up curl and so on now also

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Farmer’s walks with a trap bar are a hell of a good grip workout. Or if you just stand there and don’t walk, that’ll work. Weighted hangs from a pullup bar would also work. Add in Fatgripz on those and you’ll be well on your way. You can also do pullups throwing a rope or towel over the bar and holding on to that.

This could be a good challenge to work towards…and it can be done in quarantine!

Grip takes time to build. Forearms take time to build. Develop consistent habits and see where you’re at in two years.

ok thank i will do that, and when i will start to learn boxing and so on, i will see how my forearms are, and if it is not good then i will work them more, i have time, i need to take 10 kilo so ^^’