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Forearm Tendonitis?

My gym time has been seriously compromised over the past couple of months by life. I didn’t go at all for about two weeks after only going about once a week for 6 weeks before that.

I finally got back in the gym, did preacher curls w/ the EZ bar with my usual weight. After the muscle soreness went away I still felt tightness/pain in my right forearm. It gradually seems to feel a little better without use, but every time I pick something heavy up with my palm facing up the pain returns.

Holding up my arm in front of my with the palm facing me the pain runs along the inside of my forearm where the bulk of the muscle is and down to my elbow. It hurts also when I just press on it. Have I gone and gotten tendonitis?

Sounds like you are heading in that direction. If the tendon is inflamed, and you continue to irritate it, then yes, you will likely develop a tendonitis or other overuse injury.

It actually doesn’t really matter what it is (tendonitis, bursitis, etc). You probably started back a little too aggressively.

Continue to let it settle down, do some easy passive stretching, and ice it. When the pain is gone, start back a little lighter than normal with a little less volume and gradually work your way back up.