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Forearm Tendonitis

Hi guys,

So my forearm gets sharp intra set pain in the torso facing part of my forearm, especially around the lower forearm on the way to the funny bone. Has anyone else experienced this, and do they have any advice for it?

I had this before. It really got bad doing preacher curls. Stopped those and started doing wrist extensions, forearm stretches, and finger extensions with rubber bands. It seemed to do the trick. Hope this helps.

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Time. Believe me I had that issue. Lasted me six months (no joke) but the pain got better after a month or two so I could continue to work out.

Eat lots of clean carbs, protein (yes up your carbs and protein for a while). Make sure you sleep as much as you can. Stretch the arm by grabbing your palm and stretch upward it should look like your fingers are pointing up like a line.

And believe it or not you need to work your forearms to pump some blood flow to heal it works trust me. 15 to 20 reps of wrist curls, forearm curls reverse curls do them for like 4 sets (take it easy for a while) then when your body gets use to up the sets to 6. THEN closely up the weights and with time and healing your forearms will be indestructible after this trust me.

I put my forearms through hell and back and more and they ain’t feeling pain only growing. Good luck brother.

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It was mentioned above but yes…rubber bands (HandX band /Hand X Bands) have worked well for me

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Great! You are on your way to a speedy a better than ever Forearms. Your bone density might grow as well happened with mine. So except your hands to be bigger and overall bones.

Did you do them every day? Or just prior to upper body work?

I have the same issue, commonly know as golfers elbow or medically known as medial epicondylitis. I sleep with a couple of tube grips on each night and wear a strap whilst working (IT so typing all day)

Only issues I have at the gym are anything that requires me to have my hands behind my head i.e skullcrushers. Just takes time to heal

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Yes and listen to your body don’t do anything just focus on your forearms (if they hurt that much) but if they don’t then go ahead and work out like usual but take it easy on the weight.

Right now that same weight is going to be heavy and painful so lighten the weight you will still grow I promise.

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along with what everyone else has already said, go through your workout and find what specifically makes it hurt. my thing was barbell curls, any kind of supinated barbell curls would make it throb to the point that I could barely pick up my water. I stopped doing barbell curls and about a month later it became pretty tolerable. its been about 7 months or so now and its finally about gone. lots of wrist extensions with rubber bands and fore arm stretching.

Bucket of rice, beans, or sand. Open hand and close hand forcefully. Repeat

Huuuuuuuuuge difference in my hand and forearm health/aches and pains.