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Forearm Tendonitis


I have what seems to be forearm tendonitis. What really bothers it is benching. I took a month off and worked around it and used 3 fish oil a day plus putting a lacrosse ball in the area. However two weeks into benching again its back. Any ideas on how to fix this? I'm curious if it could have to do with grip strength as I haven't been able to Deadlift for about 5 months cause of a lower back injury


Get a "flexbar". It's made by Thera-Band, and you can find them from places that sell physical therapy supplies. It should come with instructions, as I have a hard time putting it into words. But, it's a way to do resisted eccentric exercise with those forearm muscles. I used to get that tendonitis from benching quite badly (especially shirted benching), and this thing has helped me a TON.


thanks for the reply. how long using the bar until your tendonitis cleared up?


Gosh, I don't remember exactly. I felt enough improvement within two weeks to encourage me to keep at it. In no more that twelve weeks I was 100%.


Well thanks for the help, I appreciate it. I think I had just been barbell pressing too much, and grinding out too many reps. I was surprised cause I ditched all barbell pressing except my standard bench when I came back. I thought that would eliminate the problem but it didnt. Anybody know from a PT perspective where I should look to improve mobility or range of motion ? Elbow or maybe even the shoulder ? I wish this was trnonitis in the elbow itself, cause I'm really good at fixing that on my own.


I havent gotten that flexbar thing, I'm ordering it tonight. I have been taking fish oil and working on improving range of motion in the elbow. I haven't benched heavy in 3 months, and I have been doing things that largely don't bother it. I have tried to come back in benching but each time this thing is there and stops me in my tracks. I'm willing to keep working at it, but how do I rule out this being a stress fracture or soft tissue thing? Cause if its a stress fracture obviously I should just rest, which sucks cause i should've just done that the past 3 months instead of train half ass


I'm wondering if I should use fat gripz to bench press with when I start benching again to build up my forearm strength and also limit the overall poundages used while I work myself back up. THis could either be a good idea, or a terrible one and do the opposite of what I'm trying to accomplish. Thoughts?


not a bad idea. Is it your forearm or just below your elbow area?


its the forearm, and actually runs down a couple inches from my wrist.


I took a week off last week, used the red flex bar every day, as well as fish oil, and ibuprofen. Didnt go away. I have ditched bench pressing


tendinitis is a bitch.


Well said sir, well said. Any suggestions?


Fix your muscular imbalances/poor technique. No point taking time off if you don't fix the root of the problem!


I'm not sure where to look for imbalances. I've tried mobilizing my elbow, and I'm starting to work on shoulder positioning


I have been suffering from forearm tendonitis of the inner elbow (aka golfer's elbow). Outer elbow joint tendonitis is referred to as tennis elbow. I recommend a youtube search for exercises related to what you are suffering from. They have helped me.

I purchased an arm strap that I used for a month or two which helped - this one here: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B006L9AQV2/ref=wms_ohs_product?ie=UTF8&psc=1

While my tendonitis has not completely gone away I have stopped using the strap as my forearm is getting stronger. I have also switched routines to more of a basic strength / power lifting routine and don't do arm curls anymore (which were the primary culprit in causing my pain).

Lastly, though I have not done it yet, I have read quite a bit about Active Release Technique (ART - http://www.activerelease.com/ ) and it looks like it may have some promise depending upon whether your issue is a tendon tear or build-up on the tendons/muscles.

Hope that you get some relief soon. I completely understand the frustration.