Forearm (Tendonitis Like) Pain, Curls

I have had it for a couple of months, pain is located right on the ulna. I got injured spotting a bench press, it hurts when doing curls, I can do chinups without pain.

Tried resting, ice, ibuprofen and consulting a doctor who recommended me to take ibuprofen and nothing helped.

Anyone know what to do? What exercise can I do that helps strengthen that specific tendon?

Get a graston tool off amazon and some coco butter and start scraping, worked wonders for me. You can get the cheap plastic tool for around $50 on dah internetz. Scrap, apply butter, repeat until it glides smooth over your forearm without resistance. It is painful, enjoy.

you used that method to treat tendonitis?

i wonder if foam rolling does the same thing without stripping all the hair off and ripping up the skin?

i don’t know.

In my opinion they are both useless.
I rolled my forearm with a pvc pipe before and the days after my forearm hurted even while doing daily tasks.
I don’t understand how rolling something hard can help recover from tendonitis…

I am more interested in finding a specific exercise to rehab that specific tendon.

did i say anything about a pvc pipe?

the aim is to get the muscle to relax since a tight muscle pulls on the tendon. if you make the muscle cramp up worse you will make it worse, as you say.

Sorry alexus you don’t know what you are talking about but thanks for trying to help.

[quote]lemon_ wrote:
In my opinion they are both useless.

Useless is a harsh word for two effective protocols, however foam rolling would not do much for “tendonitis”, if indeed that is what you have. Graston is effective for “tendonitis” when utilized in a cross frictional(generating blood flow to the area to help heal) capacity. Don’t get butt hurt but try this one of for size; Rest, ice, don’t be a puss, repeat.

when utilized in a cross frictional(generating blood flow to the area to help heal) capacity.
of course. one can’t possibly do cross-friction with a foam roller…

i think sometimes people enjoy complaining about hurting more than they are willing to actually try different things to help themselves…