Forearm Tendon Tear Experiences/Advice

I landed a mat return(slam) on a straight arm. Went to the ortho, said the top and bottom forearm tendons were torn and it pulled a piece of bone from the unla. He recommended 2 weeks in a sling then reassessment for if surgery was needed. Any experience /advice with this?

  • the Dr said to try and move it but also wants the tendon to stabilize. Aren’t those conflicting?
    *Yes I’m going to listen to the Dr…

That sucks big time. I would guess the “move it but let it stabilize” advice means move it slowly but not under load. Flexion, extension, supination, and pronation.

I can’t imagine a tendon tear not needing some sort of surgical repair but my experience is zero. I just think of all the people I’ve met with partial biceps tendon tears that were never repaired. Their functionality isn’t quite right.

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Makes sense but wouldn’t it still be stressing it? Or is some stress good

Yeah that’s what I’m thinking too

After my biceps tenodesis procedure, I was allowed to do pronation and supination with no load. I could do flexion and extension with a DB but I had to grab the DB with my off hand to switch from one movement to the other.

It’s strange but some movement seems to be ok.

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I severed seven tendons in an accident and obviously had surgical repair but my hand was to be totally immobilized for around a month. But I pulled 655 with a mixed grip several years later. Get clarification from your doc. It’s important to understand what’s going to get you the best outcome. I actually popped the repaired tendon in the back of my thumb. They put a spacer to keep it stretched afterwards. I popped that too. Never got it repaired again and I’m all good just can’t fully hyperextend that thumb. No grip issues.

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that is strange , but I guess i’ll just trust the doc

yeah I should do this.

That’s good to hear, thanks

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Got cut open today. Seemed to go well. Doesn’t hurt right now but that’s only because the nerve block hasn’t worn off. Got oxycodone and am nauseous now. @whang (I think you are a Dr) I presume I should get off oxy asap? And any tips with oxy nausea?

@FlatsFarmer when I’m ok-ed to begin rehab any suggestions on where to start? Tricep insertion at the elbow, lateral collateral ligament and forearm flexor/extensor tendons


You should get off any opiate as quickly as possible, and never take them unless absolutely necessary. This is certainly one of those “it’s okay” times, but be warned - enough opiates and your body will start literally fabricating pain to keep you taking them. I don’t have any tips for opiate/opioid nausea, I believe there are other medications to counter it but you don’t want to go down that road. When the nausea outweighs the relief, you know it’s time to stop taking them.

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I had a fairly minor surgery (surgery on my thumb tendon) and was prescribed vicodin.

Took one dosage and really disliked how I felt. I stopped taking it and just took advil for a couple days whenever the pain got irritating.

I honestly find it wrong that people are prescribed opiates when they’re not even sure how painful the recovery will be.

I strongly suggest that you go off oxycodone and see how you feel. If the pain is unbearable even with regular over the counter pain meds then consider taking oxycodone.

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Doc said two days. Idk if that’s feasible. The nerve block and first oxy wore off at the same time holy FUCK it hurt

Granted I am on nothing right now because of shitty timing but that

Is true

Bear the pain and try some advil or some other over the counter pain med. From what I understand some people get addicted to opiates more easily than others.

I have no idea if that is the case for you, but given that the opioid addiction happens to very normal individuals who often had very normal and regularly done surgeries and procedures, I don’t see why you need to test if you’re one of those people.

If you’re typing here then the pain isn’t so severe that it may kill you. Ergo, you can bear it.

I’m sorry to hear that your injury was so serious, I was hoping for better news after your reassessment.

I’m not medically trained, so of course listen to your doctor’s/therapists. Especially their timeline for letting the surgery site heal before you start bending/straightening your arm.

That’s said, I think you’re going to need to build up or restore your Range of Motion, in your elbow and probably your shoulder. Basically you’ll go through motions until you have tightness or mild mild pain, exercise through that ROM, then gradually build off that.

Elastic type bands (“mini bands” or "micro min bands) are great for that type of work. They deload when your muscles are stretched, great for rehab. Band Pushdowns, band delt raises, single arm band pullovers, band curls. Slow speed, limited range of motion. Gradually building.

Then body building, mind mind connection stuff for the other side. Some of lifting is “skill” or “neural” or learning the moves. I read somewhere that these neural gains can carry over to the non working side when you do single arm stuff.

Sometime in the future, when Doc says it’s OK maybe you could start pressing light light dumbbells for high high reps.


I agree with @flappinit I would only take the oxy if absolutely necessary.

We are sending happy healing thoughts for a quick recovery!

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I hope you get better soon!!!

It’s too early now, but maybe consider bfr training when you start to get back ( I just listened to a podcast discussing it this morning :wink: )

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Alright, thanks. I’ll taper off tomorrow

Will do

OK thank you for the advice

Thanks everyone for the well wishes

*Edit: off oxy. Alot smoother than I expected, only the first night post surgery sucked


first night sucked meaning withdrawals, or first night sucked because pain?

Meant first night post surgery not post oxy :man_facepalming:


Been to the therapist twice now
warm range of extension is up to 22 degrees from zero but the elbow itself feels kinda locked up
40 cold, 25 warm first visit

Wrist is moving better than the elbow, just stiff


PT cleared me to move to tolerance. Flexion is ~90 now
Any further updates will go in my log (for anyone who wants to follow)


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