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Forearm Tattoo Ideas?


Looking for some cool Tattoo ideas for my forearm. Anybody got any ideas. Looking for something powerful that incorporates being a T-man.

  • A picture of a big muscular sperm, pushing it's way through little sperms to blast it's way through to an egg, saying "You boys stay back, she needs a real man."

  • The word "FAIL"

  • A picture of a girl getting surprise butt sex. Like her bent over with that hand over the mouth surprised face with big, bug eyes.

  • The obligatory tough guy tattoo: barbed wire around the upper arm

  • A picture of a cute kitty on one arm, and then on the other arm, a picture of the kitty with it's face being punched in.

I'll think of some others...


That's so wrong yet so funny!


Thunder on one, Lightning on the other.


BTW, these are individual ideas, don't create a montage across your arm with all of them. That'd be stupid looking.


Get an 8 Ball on you right forearm and a sun on your left forearm... "Game over" - "Lights out"


Yeah a tattoo of thunder would be awesome.

I love the way thunder looks.


Flames. You never see anyone with flame tattoos on their forearms.


How about a penis?


Ask those guys, they seem manly and powerful enough.


Hey Ass-Crust. Thunder as in T-H-U-N-D-E-R. Let's not try too hard to be funny. And go check out the Rundown. Maybe then you'll get it...sort of.




As a guy who has ink myself, I do have to ask the obligatory "what do you do for a living?" question. I have a big tattoo between my shoulder blades, and one each shoulder/upper arm...legs are next, maybe chest...but I can wear a polo to work and no one knows better...

Now, if you're in a job where it doesn't matter, then I would ask are you looking for a picture or a symbol or what?

I've always liked the idea of the "self made man" (see the attached).












Tattoo of the wife.


son's initials on my back.