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Forearm streching issue


In addition to KraigY's post about cleans, I am experiencing the same issue; what suggestion do you forum members have for forearm flexibility ? I mean, when I drop into the catch phase of a clean and press, my elbows point more "down" than ideal... I realize they should be high Can anyone suggest good stretches for the forearms to get this addressed ? Thanks.



I have the same exact problem. Any suggestions?


Do you also have a problem doing narrow grip back squats? If so then you are like me and may have a flexibility issue with your rotator cuff. I am going to do some of the stuff Big Martin recommended and see if that helps. I do Ian Kings "Lazy Mans guide to Stretching" before I lift and this has three forearm stretches but they are still pretty damn tight.


I posted this in the other thread, but I'll repeat and expand:

1) Your grip may be too wide.
2) European lifters learn to back squat and front squat, before learning to Clean. This is partially in order to develop enough leg strength to execute the Clean, but also to develop the necessary flexibility. The OL style FS is a great warm-up for both Full Squat Cleans and Power Cleans.

Until one is comfortable racking while FSing I would avoid Cleaning. The Clean is a technical move, so every time you execute it with bad form, you're programming your mind and body to do it incorrectly.


Kraig Y- Yes I do have a problem doing narrow grip back squats. What exercises would you recommend for the external rotators? Muscle snatches? etc.


Sounds less like a forearm problem and more of a shoulder ROM issue ... don't do lazy stretches for it pre-workout, but rather dynamic stuff ... tumbling will work wonders for you.


Although I do include some tumbling in my training, I?m lucky enough to live on 10 acres and have a large home gym. It?s hard for most people training in public gyms to do Cleans without getting bitched at, let alone doing the circus bear routine beforehand.

Dynamic warm-ups are great for those with the facilities, but impractical for most. That?s why I?m beating the drum regarding doing FS before Cleans, as they serve as a pseudo-dynamic warm-up and stretch.



I like your idea. Any thoughts on a specific routine to increase overall ROM and flexibility the shoulders and lower back (I can't touch my toes)?


Grant has some good tumbling articles over at the Renegade site.




Rick ... isn't that half the fun of going to a "chain" gym? Man do I get some crazy looks. Very few people have seen an overhead squat, and yet it's such a basic/old time movement. The few times I do go to the chain gym, I pretty much just take over whatever space I need and let the others deal. However, I find that most of the movements I do for warm up take little space ... muscle snatch complex and Zdorovye movments for shoulders take no more room than a squat.

As for ROM articles ... good idea to search our archives. There's some good stuff in there. If you have some issues finding specific things, PM me. Coach Davies' books also outline everything from tumbling, hurdles, etc.,and both have a complete static stretching program included. For lower back, a good combination of both static and dynamic stretching would be great. Don't concentrate on one area and neglect the others ... everything coincides in one way or another.


I agree that there are good dynamic warm-ups that take up litte space. I just wanted to elaborate before some clown (pun intended) started riding his tiny bicycle to the gym, and warmed up by juggling 5 tutu wearing poodles!


Rick, btw ... how are you utilizing your 10 acres? Man that makes me jealous!!!


The lot is around 300x1600. My wife competes in dressage, so around 5 acres are dedicated to her paddocks, barn and outdoor riding arena. The rest is mostly open grassland, other then the row of black walnut trees in front and about 30 feet in back (deer and peasant killing ground).

For my training use I have a couple hills for sprints, a ten hurdle course, a 12x20 sports net (and goal) to practice my hockey shots, a couple of agility ladders, logs of different sizes, several tractor tires for flip and sledge hammer work. This spring I?ll put in a sand pit, a scaling wall and some other obstacles.