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Forearm Splints


Does anyone know what causes forearm splints and/or how to avoid them? Seems like everytime I start getting really consistent, start seeing some results, and get excited to reach new peaks, forearm splints rear their ugly head and I cant do a barbell curl for the life of me.

Is it possible reverse barbell or preacher curls cause the injury even though one doesnt actually feel the pain while doing them?


Do you get them on the insides of your forearms/wrist area? If so, I'd stop doing barbell curls. IMO, there is no reason to do something that hurts, it is just counterproductive.

I used to have the same thing and I stopped doing straight bar curls. I just iced the area whenever I was at home not doing much and stayed away from straight BB curls.


So they never came back as long as you did any biceps exercise other than straight bar? I think it is more on the outside of forearm; that is, let's say you giving a thumbs up to someone, then the pain is on the side of arm facing the ground. What exercises do you do safely then?


i gots them too.they suck.

if you wanna curl with a bar use a EZ bar,doesnt hurt at all.


i had them for a few months, i noticed using lower weight for a longer duration seemd to slowly strenghten whatever was being overworked. although, to this day if i go overboard with weight(140+ for me) they will return.


I have had them on and off for over 2 years. I think it's just something you have to deal with, especially when you're using heavier weight.


I am not convinced there isn't an effective way of avoiding them without reducing biceps exercise. Anyone else know more about them?

It's nice to know I'm not a freak and that other peope (unfortunately) get it too, but I am convinced there must be a decent way of avoiding them while still enjoying great biceps development.


I just stopped doing curls and I never have a problem with them (forearms)anymore. I have been slacking on my chins lately, but my arms have gotten bigger even though I've abandonded "arms" day (which would routinely last for over an hour). This may not be the answer you are looking for, and I don't expect everyone to train solely for strength, but I know that it took awhile for me to convince myself I didn't need to do 12 sets of curls once a week because I was afraid of change, so I just wanted to present this rather extreme route.

Alwyn Cosgrove wrote a program about biceps training in around Oct.; I believe that it included no curls. This is probably something that will give you a few ideas. Good luck with your training.


I used to get them too, I was using the ezcurl bar quite a bit. I quit using the ez and subbed in dumbells.

Hammer curls with a twist towards the top are especially good for avoiding irritation.


yeah dumbells dont hurt the splints but do you really find you can get just as good development using just dumbells as you can with bars?



Try "The Stick."

Do a search here. There is
a review of the product in the "Things we like" articles.

I have problems with tendons
in my forearms and I am able to
control them with the Stick.

It might not solve the problem, but if
you are having soft tissue issues, this is the only thing that will solve it, so you got to try.

Good luck. I hope this helps.