Forearm Soreness

Recently I have begun feeling a soreness in my forearm when ever a perform a palms-up barbell curl, upright row or even an underhand grip pull up. The pain is on the top of my forearm near my wrist. Can anybody offer advice as to how I can remedy this pain or what is causing it? Thanks!

I used to have the pain on the bottom side of my forearm running from my wrist towards my elbow. I used slightly lighter weights, took more time off, ice, and a supplement that included Glucosamine, MSM, and another material was in it. Chrondium Sulfate (sp???). I can’t remember the exact ingredient. But after a while, the pain finally went away.

I’m guessing that this isn’t muscle soreness? If it is, you’re forearms might just be weak.

If it’s not, try a different bar or hand position. Sometimes your wrists don’t want to be tweaked like that.