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Forearm size and hardness

Last nite when I was crusing in my truck, I stopped to talk to a female friend of mine. Anywyas, when she came up to talk to me, she grabbed ahold of my forearm. I forgot to make a fist to tighten it up. Anyways as you cna see from my pic that was on the forums, my forearms are kinda large, and there fairly hard. However, there not ROCK hard, and there not huge. Ahnuld says that HEAVY weights make you body hard. I thought heavy usage did it. Anyways, I would like some tips on forearm training, heres what I do now…

Hammer rotations (take a baby sledge, I use an 8 pounder, and twist it
To the left right and forward)

Bar Twists
Stand up with an offset grip on a bar, then push it down, when you get dont, offset your hand the other direction.

Reverse curls

Wrist curls

Reverse wrist curls

Plate pinch.

Any hints on jacking them up?

I’ll give one more plug to the Ivanko Super Gripper and then I’ll shut up. It’ll burn the hell out of your entire forearn, wrist and hand.

Hey Tiree,
What’s your set and rep scheme? Your percentages?
Other exercises, try: farmers walks, wheelbarrow walks and bar hangs (esp 1 hand) go for time.

Didn’t Alessi just write an entire article about this a few weeks ago?

pull ups and deads hit my forearms like a mutha!