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Forearm Routine?

My forearms are me weakest body part. Got an awesome routine to get them growing?

I’ll cover forearms soon in a Gold School article on T-Nation. But there’s an excellent chapter on this in my eBook: The New Bodybuilding for Old-School Results.


I’ll have to back and reread it. Look forward to the article.

American Ninja Warriors contestants could sure use a forearm article!

Is Gold School going to be a series? Looking forward to this!

Gold School is a take off on Old School. And Gold has more weight than Old.

So yes, “Gold School” will be the first two words in a new series of articles centered around training from the old days.


My forearms develop to failure on any pulldown exercise. Of course, one must be handing large direct loads through the finger-hand-wrist-forearm-bicep-shoulder-upperback muscle group chain(s). Which, btw, can only be accomplished if one has COMPLETE CONTROL over the load. As one progresses in strength this is achievable with advanced protocols such as Max Pyramid (John Little) and of course the 303030(Dr. Darden). Any other current exercise standard offloads the forearms and for that matter the intended muscle chain … in this case the Pulldown. Quite a Muscular Diorama when a load is in TOTAL CONTROL!