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Forearm Power & Size


i have been working my forearms alot for the past 2-3 months. Mostly a gripper by (Heavy Sports) I started on a 140 lbs gripper and I am now using the 250 pounder. I have gained nearly an inch also. Not sure if that is impressive or not? So let me have it!!

do you think high volume for 4arms works?


I think that muscle adapts to the weights you lift in other movements. I have never trained my forearms yet they get commented on as if I do. I do, however, lift pretty heavy and avoid the use of wrist straps unless absolutely necessary.

Your post left out your current measurement. If you are a newbie or someone who has not gained much size before, they will grow as you gain weight all over and lift heavier all around. I don't think they need "high volume". Even if I did train mine, I would only do it with biceps.


Don't buy that. He trains his everyday. And works them extra hard on deadlift day.

Prof X only trains his forearms by just lifting heavy and doing deadlifts and what not.

But, he's also interested in his forearm endurance. So he masturbates at least 5 to 6 times a day with high repping.

I'm just kindding X, we know you only "wrestle the bald headed champ" once a day.

Do like the professor. deadlifts and masturbation. And forget about tempo, work on time under tension. "Shower hour"


Along with the grippers, I wrapped my bench bars with rope which makes them a little bigger than the "Fat Bars". This also does wonders for your grip specially on deadlifts and heavy rows as well any forearm work. Give it a shot. As for the size of my forearms they went from around 13 to now nearly 14" in no time, I know that is not huge by any mark, but I was having a hard time adding any size to them.


Yeah wrap a sponge or a thicker cloth to make the skinny bar FATTER lol. Then do rows, deadlifts, whatever you must.



My advice isn't neccessarily always very good, but.

Buy a bag of those thick postal rubber bands. Put one or two or more on your finger tips and thumb, so it makes a big ring around all of them, and open up your hand. Do that a lot.
It wont put size on your arms, but it will help you from getting carpal tunnel from always gripping and never opening. As far as size, buy an 8 pound sledge and cut the handle down to 16 inches. Then lever it in any direction you can with your wrist and arm laying on your leg.


Towel pullups are just awesome, I also like to do rope climbs by sitting on the ground and starting from there and not using my feet. I climb at the college trach down the street, and if you have a tough partner you can burnout with pull of war, which is always a fun end to a workout.


by the way, nice name kal-el, excellent reference


what movies was that again? it's on the tip of my tongue.


I happen to think that using straps actually amplifies the training effect on the wrist extensors, while going without them targets the grip ability. Strange as it may sound, I think people would experience more gains in forearm mass while using straps.


this really deosnt make sense to me, im not saying you are wrong, but i dont get it


I'm saying it's wrong and it doesn't make sense to me either.


Well, it's pretty simple. Straps tend to pull downwards on the wrist. The wrist has to compensate by engaging in constant static (upwards) extension. This force is not present when there are no straps being used.


Your logic is faulty (and anyone who has lifted any significant amount of time at all should know this). Wrist straps wrap around the bar meaning that the only thing pulling down on the wrist is the weight being lifted. Considering this force is directed downward, there are no muscles affected in the chain that are related to grip strength. It transfers the force through the biceps, shoulders and traps taking the force AWAY from the forearm. The straps "grip" the bar for you.


Yes, and that's why grip strength is largely taken out of the equation. Wrist flexion & extension, however, are not. When you next get the chance, try strapping in -- tightly -- to an unloaded bar, then do a few reverse wrist curls and tell me that you don't feel a pull at the top of your forearms.

I will add that the type of straps used and the method for strapping in could effect the presence of this type of stress; I use wrist straps with a loop that goes around my wrist secured by velcro.


What? What do you think "grip strength" is? Your forearms are not flexing more during a lift with straps than without. The goal of any force on grip while using straps is strictly to keep the strap in place around the bar.


Prof. X-- You seem like a smart guy, so maybe you can answer this question I have been seeking for so long!

Why does Charles Staley and now Waterbury state to use Club Soda w/ protein powder? Any clue? Does it digest the PP faster? Come on man speak up!!


I don't read most of the training articles on this site so I have no clue what you are talking about. I haven't personally read anything that links carbonation with an added dietary benefit.


It's Superman's real name.

Also, I was forced to lift with straps for about a year because of a wrist problem, and just recently have been able to start heavy lifting wihtout them.....and I have already noticed a size increase


OK, just thought since you have been around since weights were only made with concrete, you'd know. But thanks anyway!!