Forearm Pain

 I have a shooting pain sensation in my left forearm.  I took 2 weeks off but it came right back.  It is worse when I do back and bi's, tri's don't bother it at all.  What is it and any suggestions?  TIA

I’d be interested in hearing about this as well, I get a similar pain in my left forearm after doing barbell curls, when I release pressure off the bar I get the shooting pain so have to release my hand quite slowly.

yeah with ulnar pain on straight bar curls the tip is to let the bar go slowly and keep your hands tight and supinated, then slowly pronate them, dont just drop the bar and snap your hands back.

if your forearms still bother you stick to EZ bar, close grip chins, and hammer curls

I used to get these as well. I tried training through it but it eventually got to the point that I could hardly lift anything. Take Schultzie’s advice, and also look into getting some straps in order to give your arms a bit of a break when you work your back.

I used to have some version of this as well. When I would do preacher curls really heavy, I would feel a shooting pain in my forearm between the radius and ulna. I didn’t lift weights for about 4 years while I was in college and when I started again, the pain was gone. Obviously, that wasn’t the ideal situation so I am interested to hear what other people have done to heal it while still lifting heavy.

which part of the forearm? Inside, middle or outside. Sounds to me like you have tendinosis of the epicondyle (sic). The pain is either from your elbow or ulnar nerve.

I have some damage from an accident as a kid where I got hit by a car. The elbow healed fine, but I have to be careful at lockout otherwise it flares up.

IMO you will need rest. Not what you wanted to hear, but the honest truth. And if the injury is aggravated it can take 6 months or more to heal completely…time to start hitting the squats heavy and doing a specialization for legs and calves.

Try strengthening your forearms. I used to get terrible pain before I started doing a lot more forearm work. Try doing a lot more work like reverse wrist curls. It may sound dumb, but it worked for me. Also, remember to really stretch your arms after your workout. You may just need to stretch the fascia. Good luck.

I did back yesterday and the pain is terrible today. If I turn my wrist it gets much worse. I hardly slept as it woke me up every time I moved. The pain starts on the top and inside of my forearm and shoots toward my wrist. 6 months off would suck but 2 weeks didn’t do it. Thanks for everyones input.