Forearm Pain

hi guys long time reader first time poster.
As the title says I have forearm pain, I have been getting this for a while now basically I get sharp pains in my forearms when griping anything (heavier the weight the sharper the pain). It is incredibly painful when doing barbell curls.

I am posting this to ask you guys what it could be and is there anyway of sorting it out. if there is any added information you guys need to understand the problem then just ask and I will say. oh and if there is an article on this already I have searched for it and not found it so apologies if that is the case. cheers guy.


i have the same problem so i just reduced my curl weight to 40 lbs an arm and try to compensate with other exercises that hit my biceps

Do you get this pain in any particular part of your forearm (i.e. closer to the wrist or elbow, or all over)?

I’ve been noticing something similar for the past few days, mainly near the elbow, and more pronounced on my right arm. It doesn’t feel like DOMS to me - more like a mild muscular strain, or maybe a mild bout of tendonitis. I’ve been skipping the curls for a couple of workouts to see if it gets better on its own without medical intervention.

If you can, get it x-rayed. Up your calcium intake also. It could be stress fractures.

Do you warm-up, or atleast stretch before working out, and are you sure it’s enough?

it is usually quite specific at least the worst of it. if i carry on working it, the pain grows all over but mainly there’s a very tender spot about mid forearm attached to the ulna (sorry I cant explain it any further) but this is a reoccurring problem and any curls of any sort hurt too much to even perform (no matter what the weight) and I am a bit bad I don’t do a particularly good warm up could this be causing the problem or aggravating it?

Well, you need to warm up to stretch your muscles, and keep em that way, and get steady oxygen flow, and the heavier you lift without a sufficient warm up then the more stress you’re gonna cause to stiff muscles injuring them

ok this may be a bit of a dumb question but what kind of forearm warm up would you recomend?

you don’t warm up specifically forearms, but do a few minutes of push ups, and just get blood flowing.

But, don’t just take my word for this being the cause towards your pain, just think about it, and try giving it a shot, but leave other possibilities open

How about you see a doctor to determine what kind of injury you have?
It could be a tendon, muscle, calcium deposit, bone spur, who knows? I’m not sure, but I think this would be your best bet to find out what’s going on.

They might even know what you might do to heal the injury.

a lot of people get this all the time. Don’t know what it means but…