Forearm Pain

I do a number of forearm workouts, but mainly I stick to wrist curls, and reverse wrist curls. As I started moving on to heavier weights, I started feeling pain (that can be described as breif but intense) around the outside of my forearms. I only feel it when I ‘relax’ my muscles, ie right when i put down the dumbells after a set of wrist curls. I dont feel it during the curls, and I dont feel it at all when doing reverse wrist curls. I’m guessing I have some imbalances? Perhaps I need to concentrate more on other forearm exercises than the two I’ve mentioned? Any insight is greatly appreciated!

sounds like you have tendonitis. i had the same feeling on the inside of my forearm and it got progressively worse. of course it didn’t help that my dumb ass had the “no pain, no gain” mentality back then. where did i…oh yeah M&F mags. but i digress, so it got so bad that my shoulder started to hurt which ten led to my wrists hurting as well. i was told that it was because my other joints were now taking up the slack that my elbow could not…more stress. so i stopped working out all together for about 6 months. now the only pain i have is in my elbow. the inside to be exact more commonly known as golfer’s elbow…and i don’t play golf. the one on the outside is called tennis elbow. to this day i currently use a tennis elbow support and it’s helped greatly. plus i’ve changed my workout around as well but to explain that would take more lines. suffice it to say, the pain is stil there but since i started periodization training the pain has gone down even more. btw, i recommend Coach Thib’s Pendulum Training. good luck man. oh and if you keep on going without changing your routine around, get ready to join the “no pain, no gain, know pain” club. we’re always looking for life long members.