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forearm pain


wondering if anyone has any knowledge of what could be causing a severe pain/cramping on my outer forearm/brachiialis when I train back or biceps. I already have been diagnosed with tendonitis in both my elbows, but this pain is different. I manifests itself after I train back or biceps and only lasts for about 24 hours and is completely gone. It's just a horrible cramping when I contract my bicep in the hammer position. Any info would help.



i was doing sandbags this week on tuesday, workout went fine felt good. then about ten-20 mins after workout i go to put the heavy sandbag back in place where i store it, once i drop it, bam, no snap or nothing but i feel like i strained something badly. pain when i flex my arm and fully extend it.. i have no insurance so im hoping it heals up.. the pain is also in the forearm area (where supposedly some bicep muscle attaches into).. it's gotten slightly better but i just have a feeling this time its not gonna be an easy recovery..

anyway im wondering how many of you have experienced something like this and how you have recovered from it?

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My buddy had a similar pain in his forearm when we trained biceps...mainly when curling a straight bar. It would start hurting halfway through our workout...and usually be gone the next morning. After getting worse..he went to the doctor. Turned out he had a small stress-fracture. After taking about a month off from directly training the biceps...all seemed to be healed up. Now, we usually dont curl a straight bar...but instead stick to using a cambered bar and dumbells only. He has not had any problems since. Hope this helps.


babyern1 & iamnobody, look up the "ART Case Study" thread I started and post a message to Dr.Gregg_ART. He might be able to give you an answer to your question or tell you how to fix it.

Good luck to both of you!!!


i had this pain a year or two ago, it was an incredible pain and i really couldnt do any heavy bicep work... just leave out the biceps for two weeks and come back with stuff not so heavy. I did that and havnt had a problem since


Sounds like you have a restriction between the brachioradialis and the brachialis. These muscles should slide on one another if they don't they pain is felt. They could also be some other restriction caused by scar tissue formation in the area however it definately sounds like a brachioradialis issue. ART can definately hopefully you can find someone in your area. Good luck,