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Forearm Pain


For the past 3 days, I get this tingling pain on my forearm after doing a heavy set of benchpress/military press/dumbell press. It also happens when I do an arm curl. I've had this before and rest seems to be the only way to get rid of it. Is there another way to fix this ?Or at least alleviate the pain?


Need more specifics?

Muscle pain?
Connective tissue pain?
Nerve type pain?
What part of the forearm?
Any grip strength loss?


It's feels more of a nerve pain on my right foreman(I'm lefty). The tingling starts about 2 inches above the wrist and goes all the way near the elbow. There's no strength loss but it's just uncomfortable. The tingling part happens when I release the barbell from bench press. Same thing happens with the arml curl.


What do you do for a living?

Could be carpal tunnel, any problems yet at night? Are you hyperextending your wrist on bench and curl?

I try to stay out of this forum, being a guy who worked family practice and ER I could end up giving advise all day in this forum.


I'm a college student and I only work every other weekend. I only feel the pain when I'm working out specifically doing press/curl and that's it. I workout 6 days/week (Alpha style) and always lift heavy in a 5x5 style. I don't think it's my form at all. Thanks in advance.


Work=retail store, not physical at all.


No worries. IF it is nerve type pain radiating from your wrist than it might be form. Not doubting you but unless you work with a PL coach it is still a possibility. Also still could be Carpal if you spend a ton of time on the computer typing.

How old are you? (cause old guys go to school also)

So this pain goes away after you lift?


Haha. I'm 23 and work as a sales associate=cashier/fold clothes/look cute.
IThe first thing I questioned was my form so I asked my friend(PT) to assess them. He didn't find anything wrong formwise.
That's it, only when lifting specifically doing press/curl. After I release the weight, It would tingle for a good 5 seconds and that's it.


Then dont worry about it, honestly.

How long have you been lifting?

When did you last take a break? You are young so you can party like a rock star and then get up and lift, not like us old fuckers who need 3 days to recoup.

What is your routine? Are you doing to much pressing and not enough pulling? Typical problem with younger lifters, I was in this trap myself so not judging.


I've been lifting seriously for a year. I know what you mean. I used to be on of those guys who finds his routine from muscle and fitness. I luckily stumbled to Robert Dos Remedios' Power strength. That's when my weight shoot up from 130 to 165. Been doing full body workout since then.

Today's workout:
Complex (deadly 8's)
A1. Front Squat
A2. Incline Dumbell Press
A3. Pull Ups
B1. Bent Barbell Row
B2. Dumbell Press
B3. Leg Raise
Complex (deadly 8's)

  • Got this workout from Alpha. Been doing it for a month and loving it so far.
    **I workout six days a week. Rest on Sunday.


Alpha knows his shit, listen to him.

My only advise is if you are having pain your body is telling you something is off. Listen to it maybe take a break and switch routine or just take a week off. I know, I know that goes against the norm to a certain extent, however pain is a response to something. I do not think you have an impingement but something is telling you. Good luck man and keep up the hard work.


I will. Thanks for the advice. Good luck to you too.


Good luck in school it pays off. I did 14 years of college so I have a little knowledge here. :slightly_smiling: Later.


From the way you've described this forearm pain, i believe i have had literally the exact same issue. Mainly would get it with heavy barbell curls at first, and as it got worse and worse over a couple months i started experiencing it when working shoulders and chest too. To me, it felt like tendinitis. I never had it diagnosed but it was similar to the pain i experienced when diagnosed with elbow tendinitis, except this was in my forearm like yours, and it hurt most when i would release my grip, just as you stated. Every time ive had this pain flare up, the only solution was rest, and after 3 weeks or so it would be completely gone. I found that the main movement that was causing this was heavy barbell curls. That was the only thing i had to change. Once i switched to DB curls, the pain began to subside over a few weeks, even though i did not take time off and did not stop benching and doing shoulder press. Figure out what seems to be the main antagonistic movement and either change it or stop it completely. Also, tiger balm worked wonders for me as far as alleviating pain after workouts.


Yup, we have the same issue. 3 weeks?! It usually takes me 2 days to get rid of the pain. With everything you said, I'll either try : a)switch to DB or b) totally eliminate arm curl, and see if either of them is the root of the pain. If both doesn't work, taking a 2 day rest would be my last resort.

Thanks brother.


Well, in my case it took at least a week, sometimes up to 3. This was probably because A) I didnt actually rest my forearms at all, just tried to adapt my training around them (mainly by eliminating any barbell and even ez bar curls) and B) i would usually work out for months with this pain, letting it get to the point where it was so unbearable it felt like my arm would snap in half. Obviously if i had addressed it sooner it wouldnt have taken so long.

The other thing i found is that even though the pain would go away relatively quickly, if i started hitting straight bar curls again it would come right back. However if i let it go a few weeks, i could then do straight bar curls for a while before i would start to notice it again. Every 3rd time i hit biceps or so i will throw in some BB curls and have no issues. Its only when i do them consistently that it flares up.


@ DJHT: You were right all along. It was the way I set the bar. I set more on the finger and not on the wrist. I shouldn't have doubted your 14 year college education. :wink:


Here's a better explanation. Not to that extent but I was slightly doing the form on the left pic.