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Forearm Pain

I’ve been experiencing post workout pain, probably due to inflammation, in my left forearm. My best guess from my limited knowledge of anatomy is that it’s the brachioradialis that runs along the top of the forearm.

It has begun to limit my ability to do shoulder work, incline bench work and absolutely any bicep work short of seated or standing hammer curls. Thus I think it’s safe to conclude that the position of the wrist in movements plays a big roll in pissing this little bastard off.

Wondering if anyone here has experienced this and solved it either through some stretching techniques I am unaware of, post workout treatment, specific exercises or any of the above. Any help would be appreciated.

Does not seem to get aggravated by;

Flat bench work
Tricep work

The right arm is not affected at all.

Thanks to anyone with help.

First time posting, long time lurking…