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Forearm Pain While During Curls


for the past month or so i have had a pain on the right side of my right forearm.it was on and off but really more noticable in the past week. note that it only happens while doing curls. it goes away after several seconds after i let go of the bar.ive been training thru it as it doesnt affect my workouts that much. any thoughts?


It could be some form of epicondylitis. Many of the tendons of the forearm originate from the epicondyles that form the elbow joint. I've had mine stressed before and found that doing pulling or curling exercises exacerbated the injury.

While I felt like a tool doing it, wearing wrist straps while curling can take the tension off the forearm muscles. It's pretty much the only thing you can do besides wrapping the forearm (which isn't very effective) until it heals, unless you take a complete break from those movements.


I recall this coming up multiple times previously. I also recall that one can experience pain due to your bone actually bending; this is normal. I got this "pain" earlier while doing curls.

Ultimately, you'll have to decide if it's really that bad to warrant further attention.


This can be caused by gripping/squeezing the bar too tightly while curling. Try relaxing your grip.



I had the same type of pain. Wear wrist wraps and step up the fish oils to help with any inflammation.


The bone will not bend with any significance to cause pain. You would not even be able to handle a load that would be large enough to do this. With repeated high-load efforts the bone and surrounding fascia will be stressed, but bending to the extent you describe is not going to happen.


You might want to give Tylergrips or Ivanko EZ grips a try. They are thick sleeves that fit around the bar to temporarily make it a "fat bar".

This is used to build up the forearms and hands more. The opened hand my relieve some of this pain.

Just a though I had.


I have the same exact problem. It only happens to me when I use a barbell or or EZ curl bar. I used to just acoid those two exercises, but lately I have been doing forearm training twice a week and it has seemed to help a lot.


It could be coming from a triceps trigger point.