Forearm Pain/Strain/Injury

I’ve done something to my right forearm. I’m guessing most probably computer/mouse
overuse (from work) but I’m not sure.

Might also be how I’ve been sleeping. There was no acute injury as such.

Pretty sure it’s only my brachioradialis - hammer curls are impossible (agony if I try) Even holding my 2kg blender jug is uncomfortable. No problems whatsoever with wrist movement, even weighted flexion or extension is fine.

Up til this week I’ve been lifting around it. No pain with chins. Hurts just when getting into position for dumbbell bench. Rows are a problem.

I’ve now stopped lifting (I didn’t want to as I seem to ‘seize up’ when I stop) as this doesn’t seem to be giving my forearm enough of a break.

When it’s not directly strained it feels tight and occasionally tingles a little.

My left arm is nowhere near as bad but has just started to tighten in the same place.

I’ve had a few ART sessions but it’s taking longer than usual to see results.

I’m also stretching and massaging with a tennis ball. Using heat as well.

No real improvement so far though. So either I’m doing something which retightens it again after treatment- or the cause is elsewhere (shoulder? back?)

Any ideas?

Anything else I can try to treat it?

Where exactly is it? I have something similar in my right forearm just on the outside of the extensor carpi radialis up near the joint. I originally thought it was caused by too much computer work. It was, but not from the wrist. It was from the shoulder. Because I held my shoulder in one position for hours at a time, it froze and certain muscles around the shoulder blade atrophied.

This caused my form in rows to change and I began using more arm rather than back on the right side. This created too much strain across the elbow and so my ulnar nerve has jumped it’s channel and now I get pain and tightness after every rowing session. It fades between sessions but never completely goes away. Hammer curls are out completely.

It’s gotten a little better as I’ve been concentrating on form and doing some rehab/prehab exercises to correct the imbalance, but it’s taking a long time.

I’ve also changed hands for running the mouse so I don’t continue to lock up my shoulder. Took about a day to train my left hand to work the mouse properly.

This went a little long, but I hope it’s helpful…