Forearm Pain - Pronator Teres Syndrome?

For a while I have been getting pain in my forearms from squatting and benching (squatting seems to aggravate it more than anything) but until lately it has been mostly manageable. Dave Tate wrote an article on EliteFTS a few months back saying that powerlifters should do barbell curls to prevent/fix an imbalance in the pronator and supinator muscles since both arms are pronated in the squat and bench, I also deadlift with a hook grip so that’s probably contributing to it as well. Anyway, I have been doing a fair bit of high rep barbell curls for a while but the pain still comes back and the more I squat the worse it gets, I looked around online and figured that it might be pronator teres syndrome, which is when the pronator teres muscle in your forearms is too tight and overdeveloped and irritates nerves in your forearms. This week I started doing some stretches and myofascial release stuff which seems to help a bit but I want to sort this out permanently. Has anyone else had similar issues?