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Forearm Pain - Is This Normal?


hey, just discovered the site, which is really good btw. I've been lifting for about a year now and I've seen good improvments especially since i started using whey protein after workouts (dont take anything else) anyway for the question: In the past ~2 weeks I've been getting some tightness in my forearms when doing curls and some other exercises. whats the deal? should I be doing forearm exercises or something?


They are probably overtrained from all the beating off. Get a girlfriend!


nope. it has just started happening. i read something about "support" muscles. so i was thinking that maybe while bis could handle the increased weight the forarms couldnt so i needed to build them up more.


There was another thread on this topic. It had to do with forearm splints. I had them real bad when curling with a barbell or ez-curl bar. I switched to dumbells and have had no problems whatsoever.


Whereabouts on the forearms? Which muscles specifically?


I actually got something like that one time too.
Palm up, arm out it ran down the inside along the bone. My doctor said I gave myself tennis elbow, and just told me to take some time off, and gave me ant-inflammatories.
Never having gotten tennis elbow from actually playing tennis, I'm not too sure about the diagnosis, but this was sharp pain.
Hope that helps some.



I'm going through this right now myself. I got it from doing supinated grip pull-ups. Now I get a really sharp pain in my right forarm when I do any supinated grip pull including sup grip bent over rows and upright rows so I'm avoiding all these for now. Pronated grip doesn't bother me too much. Its been going on for 3 weeks now. Really sucks.


edit note: I reread this and realized I had my grip disription ass backwards. I should wait until I get a coffee into me at 6 a.m. before I make a post..


teh same thing with me,if i use a barbell my left forearm feels like its gonna split,but db's fixed that right up


Oddly enough it was supinated chins and straight bar curls that got to my forearms. A pronated grip works fine.


Same with me. I got forearm splints from doing heavy straight bar curls. Especially on preacher curls. It sucks and i thought i'd have to wait ages for bone to heal but there is no need to wait if you just change to hammer curls using DBs or a tricep bar.
EZ bars are also alright for me if i keep it light.
It seems to be caused by some people's bones being different proportions and difference in joint structure (veey minimal however) which causes supinating to cause a lot of shear force on the ulna. Hammer curls and rows are great for biceps anyhow.

I also increased calcium intake to be sure.


thanks for all the replies. i read the other thread too. i don't get the pain with dbs but i also wanted to do bar. i use the ez grip now, i'll try the straight bar next time. also in the other thread there was a good description of it, i think its a bone issue because i only feel the pain immediately after i release my grip on the bar. i dont mind the pain really and someone in the other thread said its normal for bones to bend a little, but if i feel this pain is the exercise still doing damage to the bones?


Don't go back to doing straight bar curls! This will just make the pain return. Stay away from them until your biceps have become significantly stronger from doing hammer and EZ bar curls. This will hopefully result in having much stronger bones, then if needs be return to straight bar but build up slowly.


Yo man,

HEy what happens sometimes if there is enough weight on the bar is that the two bones in ur arm actually push together. There is a nerve that runs through there and when this happens, it causes a severe amount of pain.


I have never experienced any forearm pain thats been described, but maybe adjusting the technique used for curling with either ez-curl or striaght bar might help. Reason being others suggested that they went to DB curls and problem solved. But look at the position of your arm and elbow and you can see a difference in alightments and angulation. Which brings me back to my first statement. Technique.

So try using alittle lighter weight and try positioning your elbows forward or backwards to find the sweet spot. I used this method to adjust my military press and incline technique.


so thats what is was...I just recently started getting those pains in my left forearm as the weight went up in curls. E-z curl, and straight bar. very painful. well at least now I know. looks like its hammer curls and DB's for me. better muscle definition anyhow.