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Forearm Pain During Curls


Hey guys, I always get forearm pains when i do anything involving bicep curls soo thats like wether im doing the curls with a machine or with free weights. I don't get forearm pain doing any other exercise so I don't know what wrong soo if anyone has had this problem and can tell me how to fix this or workouts i should do maybe to build my forearm muscles?? maybe they are too weak...I don't know but it drives me crazy. Thanks for your time guys.


Is this a lasting pain or simply one that occurs when the weight is set down after a set?

Some discomfort is actually normal, especially with straight bar curls (which is why I usually with the EZ bar for those exercises). Lesson one, your bones are not rigid steel beams. They are strong, however, they can also bend a little. When you curl a weight that is significantly heavy, your bones in your forearms bend slightly. No, that doesn't mean they are going to break because it would take more direct blunt force to do this.

When the bone bends, as soon as you set the bar down, those bones return to their normal shape. They ahve a certain level of elasticity, however, since this is still about force applied, the discomfort you feel is as they return to normal.

Over time, your bones will get even stronger if you continue to lift and this sensation may decrease.

Using the EZ bar instead of a straight bar may help to decrease this further simply because your arm is slightly rotated allowing force to be applied over two bones at once instead of each absorbing force more independently.

Bottom line, drink milk.


It does a body good.


I think you have the forearm version of shin splints. How much bicep work are you doing? Is it worse with preacher curl?




Actually when I first started working out - I had this same problem. I found out two things, I believe.

1 - My form wasnt good, and I was probably using too much weight.

2 - I was actually curling my wrists more than needed.

What I did was drop the weight down and completely focussed on good form. Sure, my forearms still hurt some. But over time, I think my forearms got stronger and I was able to move up in weight much more quickly.

So, do not worry too much. Take it slow. Eventually you'll forget what it was like to have that forearm pain. Just dont aggravate it worse!

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I had this problem, too, at one point. It went away after time + direct forearm work. The direct work consisted of 3 sets of wrist curls with a barbell (behind the back) whenever I trained my biceps. I'm not sure if it was my body getting used to curls (I used a straight bar) or the direct work (as it wasn't incredibly intense). Either way, something to consider.


WOW. Excellent thanks everyone especially PROFESSOR X! I will do some forearm curls then and work on my form because i think that might have been some of the problem thanks again guys! I f ing love this forum omg...(gasp)

Also I am going to get a exam at my gym done on my body fat and what not because i am going to go on the velocity diet soon soo hopefully i can tell everyone about my progress but thats in a couple of weeks


I forgot to say that I drink alot of milk...mom screams at me cause I leave none for her coffee...:S