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Forearm Isolation Work

Why is it that the only guys I see isolating their forearms look like they’re sporting string beans instead of arms?

Mind you, I pay attention, and these guys are the same ones I see performing a ton of useless stuff with way too much weight, for example, basically turning a simple standing barbell curl into a very ugly somewhat whole-body exercises involving just about every body part BUT the biceps…not to mention they also seem to use those wrist-straps for just about every exercise, thus eliminating the gripping work the forearms would have gotten, indirectly.

I just don’t EVER see the huge guys with slabs of beef for arms over there playing with a little dinky bar trying to work their forearms…I realize they probably get hit enough just doing normal stuff, but I’m curious how many folks are doing just forearm work…I mean to me, technically, it’s like the calf – you walk on your calf all day long, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t do calf-raises of one sort or another.


Genetics play a part, but you said it yourself, straps. Another thing is all the isolation work, and no compound movements, like bench or deads, heavy ones.

What I have trouble imagining is a trainer using straps on chins… wtf… Chin= you pull your own bodyweight. Functional?

Well, any climbing motion, and many pulling motions will resemble the chin. I wonder, if you can’t use your strength in real life, is it actually of any use?
You can’t push a car, lift a log, throw a punch, sprint without a warm-up, climb a rope…SHAKE HANDS?Bitchin’ frizzie?