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Forearm Injury


Does anyone know how to train around a forearm injury? I have been doing a lot of heavy kettlebells (swings, cleans , snatches) and farmers walks. This has made elbow joint extremely painful to the point that every day chores are painful. I have been using anti inflamatory gel on the site but it has a limited effect. Has anyone any suggestions on what to do and work around it.

Any help welcomed



train safe: prevent muscle imbalances by training all body parts in equal proportion, ditch out straps/gloves.
If you have a muscle significally weaker than others, then listen to that one first, dont lift too much when there are imbalances. Don't work upper body at all during rehab.

For your elbow try isometric training, they'll strenghten tendons and pain will dissappear in a few weeks. begin with very low weight.

eat healthy: supplement with cissus for tendons/forearm rehab. supplement with multivitamins during rehab.

sleep ten hours a day: rest is important

also try active recovery for your forearm, their anatomy makes them hard to heal in a short period of time. At home, try wrapping them around with hot straps, then later use ice packs.


Or you could go through and examine why KB work is aggravating your elbow. What is your injury?