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Forearm Injury

Hey guys, just need some insight into an injury one of my clients is currently out of action with. He is basically getting pain up & down his left forearm, says it is agony at times. When he grips something wide it seems to make it even more painful, its painful to the point were he couldn’t lift a paper without feeling the effects. The main point of pain (although it runs right down to his wrist) is the lateral part of the forearm just in from the elbow.

He has actually been to see a physio (who is supposedly well recommended) & after 3 weeks its no better at all. The physio has been giving him all sorts of exercises to do, a lot of them directly don’t even stimulate the injured muscle.

We don’t really know how he actually got the injury, I thought it possibly could have been the Reverse Barbell Curls that I put into his program & because that was his first time he’s possibly had a weaker left arm & thus actually damaged it from doing too much. Now he did come to the gym two more times & he said he was fine & he can’t remember doing anything in those training sessions.

The physio actually said he has tennis elbow, if it is then what would your advice be? If you think its something else I’d be glad to hear any verdicts.


your client? if you were a trainer, i think logically the last place you’d ask about a clients injury is an online forum…

Foam roll it.

…I’m kidding. see a doctor.

Which hand does he use to jerk off with? Speaking from personal experience, I used to use my right, but now, with the internet being the source of material 99% of the time, I have had to start using my left. I just couldn’t focus properly, what with having to keep stopping to click the mouse button and scroll around the screen. When I first started using my left, I got pains up and down my forearm, much like your client. Now you add the reverse curls in there, and bam, forearm is fried. So you might want to look into that, ask your client, let me know if this helps.

Well just wanna let you all know he’s all better now with all your advice. I came onto to this forum to ask a question because I am not a specialist in injuries, I know there are guys on here who have trained for years & experienced many different kinds of injury’s so I thought I might get some decent advice from one of the forum members, not the smart ass comments.

Well I might as well prescribe him the rememdy of a few more masterbation sessions a night, providing his grip is tight that will at least get some bloodflow around the bottom half of the arm, he will be healed in no time, no doubt needing extra Zinc supplementation into the bargain.