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Forearm Injury Help

I don’t know what I did or how, but I somehow managed to tweak my left forearm at the top insert point into the elbow ie) either the brachioradialis or biceps brachii.

It may have been from doing power cleans.

I have been trying to slowly work it out.

I can do chins (pronated and supinated grip) but it burns like hell.

I can do light curls (supinated) and hammer (they burn like hell) but cannot do reverse grip curls.

Anyone ever experience this and how did you work it out??


sounds to me like tendonitis, the best thing you can do is rest that part of your body. If you want to continue then go to the pharmacy and get what is called a forearm wrap.It is for tendonitis. and then stretch out more b4 you start lifting, also more warm ups

I have the same thing… a neoprene elbow wrap helps alot while lifting, but I still feel pain away from the gym…

I’m curious to see the responses you get. I haven’t found rest to be that helpful. At least a week doesn’t cut it. How long should “rest” be?

Ice is your best friend. I ice my mid back and left elbow/forearm 3 times a day for 20 minutes at a time. My back always hurts, but I found my elbow hurts the most on heavy full ROM bench, rack lockouts, speed benches, and when I try to lower a deadlift under control. The solution for me is Ice, Ibuprofen, limiting my caffeine intake, extra doses of fish oil, and cutting out full ROM raw bench, rack lockouts, and dropping my DLs from lockout. I would take it easy for a while on those exercises that cause the most pain and try to find out what you can do to replace those exercises in your routine. I also use neoprene elbow sleeves and they work to keep my elbow warm and full of blood when I train.

I had that same thing while doing an extended session of Chin-ups and Pull-ups. To this day I have no idea what it is, but you have described it perfectly.

I used ice therapy on it for the first four days. After that ice and heat for the next four days, then prolonged heat therapy and massage for the next several weeks.

I laid off of all pulling movements for several weeks. I remember that it took a full four months to completly heal.

Hang in there mine returned 100%!

Thanks to everyone for responding, especially you ZEB for the information.

Like I say I don’t know what it is, or how I did it.

I have restricted my pulling and curls to low volume/low weight/and only 1x per week for the past couple of weeks.

Athough I haven’t been applying ice and heat diligently like I should it seems to be recovering back to normal with the more rest I give it after I work it a little.

I just wish I knew what I did that caused it.

Thanks everybody.

it is tendonitis, believe me, I’ve had it b4 and it hurts. You can try glcosamine that works for some peeps,also just use the ice right after your workout. But always put the ice in a towel to avoid frost bite. Tylenol, ibuprofin, bengay, hot baths are only patch work remadies, you have to give it rest. This does not mean not doing anything, just stay away from the things that make it hurt.

I have the same problem. My dad and son have have it as well-poor forearm genes I guess, although I thoroughly interviewed my wife prior to marriage and she vehemently denied any knowledge of tendonitis, past or present in her family. Massage (as much as you can stand) and heat and ice treatments relieve some pain. Rest is probably best if you can stand to be out of the gym for a few weeks. I take a week off every 6 weeks but it always seems to come back. I also am trying to build up the area by doing reverse wrist curls-maybe it’s a muscular imbalance.

Drop the elbow flexor exercises for a couple of weeks and instead squeeze a rubber ball until you can’t anymore 3 times a day for the first week, the second week do this only twice a day. Also, add rubber band finger spreads. On the third week do light hammer curls to start you back…

One more thing, try Trigger Point Therapy or ART…

if nothing else works consult a personal trainer or go see your doctor

yup, i feel your pain.
However i feel that in my case i have the beginnigs or maybe even intermidiate shoulder impingement. i dont know if the forarm tendon inflamation came from that or the other way around.
if you have any pain at all in your shoulder, that would be initiated at the front of your shoulder and possibly radiating around to the outside, do a search on “shoulder impingement” on this site.
all of us that have this forarm inflamation should also be doing a soft warm up and stretching.
best of luck with that.