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Forearm Imbalance

ive been workin out for several months but ive never done any forearm execises but i noticed the other day that right forearm is bigger than my left.if i start doing forearm execises with equal weight will my left one ever be as big as my right??or should i do more weight with my left??

You can do Behind the back Wrist curls, and since you have a forearm imbalance, take dumbell in ur smaller arm, and perform it as a regular behind the back wrist curl. You can try and press your forarm against a preacher bench, stablizing your arm, and using ur forearms to curl the dumbell up and down. Hope this helps

Do a lot of high rep work starting with your weaker arm, then do an equal amount of reps with your stronger arm. It will balance out eventually if you keep working them equally.

Screw wrist curls. I thought this was a hardcore site?

Get yourself some Captains of Crush grippers or HeavyGrips, and a Rolling Thunder. Strong grip equals larger forearms. Your hands are your first connection to the rest of the world, so they should be strong.

I’m heavy into grip work too, but there’s nothing inherent in grip work that will even out the size of your forearms. Work on grippers alone helps hypertrophy a bit, but each kind of grip work hits muscles in a very specific way, and doesn’t develop the entire forearm evenly. Grip work is just another aspect of working out, not a panacea.

To the OP, working the weak side first, like the other guy said, is good advice.