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Forearm Help

My forearms are keeping me from deadlifting for my max because i cant hold the bar, even though i can do a lot more. If i use an overhand underhand grip, i screw something up in my lats. Should I just do timed grip training or train everything else like CW says?

For weak forearms and overall grip strength, I do several things. Timed holds with dumbells, timed holds with a barbell, plate grips (hold two tens together in each hand), and while I don’t really think they are necessary, I do two or three sets of wrist curls as a finisher for a forearm workout. Hope this helps…

I don’t see anything wrong with training forearms…Just do it at the end of a workout so they don’t hinder any other lifts. I personally, while keeping a grip squeezer thing at my desk at work to help the grip, have no problems using hooks or wraps to help.

Use straps until you get your forearms there. I do wrist rollers, plate pinches, and farmers walks for the grip.

What the above stated and do ALL work with no assistance No straps no hooks etc the strength will come.

ONLY use the assistance after they have reached failure and you have yet to fully stimulate the other groups.

Ditch the straps or your grip will never improve. Do a tug-o-war with a car. Farmers walks gripping the top of a sandbag will make a grown man cry. Take a newspaper and crumple it in one hand, one page at a time. Millions of things to work the grip with. Fat bar farmers walks.