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Forearm Growth

Coach Thibs! Love your work. True inspiration. Got a few questions for you so i’ll make it fast.

  1. Forearm growth…i know it’s beaten to death but i wanna hear it from you. I’m pretty small by tnation standards (5’7" 69kg - hence tiny wrists) and have been training since 2011 but i have gained some size (from 61-69kg). So any thoughts on that?

  2. Had golfer’s elbow at some point so left elbow is always ‘tweaking’ if i go hard on some exercises(pullup, chinup) Any way i can get rid of this problem permanently? (Had to eliminate skullcrushers completely)

  3. Any advice on bulking on a very tight budget safely?

Thanks for your time.

I’m not CT and I’m sure he will chime in, but try a VooDoo class band for your tennis elbow…those bands are amazing

Do pronator/supinator work with a hammer. You can google how to do it. As a climber (and the same height/weight as you) it is something I have dealt with in the past.