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Forearm Flexibility Exercises?

Can anybody shed some light on any exercises to release and stretch out the forearm muscles and tendons to do decent clean & jerks / front squats properly?

I’m not sure if it’s me and the way I’m structured but from what I’ve seen of the few guys that can C&J at the gym (one dude is a university level wrestler and the other guy is a track & field athlete) they seem to have very supple whip like forearm motions when the bar is accelerating.

Are there any exercises to help me loosen up my forearms to get this flexibility?

Myself, I’m thinking I’ve got some pretty tight lats and I try to keep my elbows up and high but I need some more info if you folks could help me out here.

Thanks in advance, Jay

btw, I would have already asked these guys @ the gym for tips but from previous conversations they are both pretty much arrogant SOBS with their heads up their asses.

Grip the bar in the front squat position, a partner should put his shoulders under your elbows and his hands on top of the bar and he pushes your elbows up while holding the bar against your shoulders.Push your hands up against the wall and walk them down with your arms straight, you should get a good sretch, this is more intense if you do it on the floor. Hold your arm out straight and pull your fingers back with your other hand.
How big are your biceps, and how wide is your grip? If your big BIs get in the way you may have to widen your grip. The front squat may be painfull on your wrists for a few weeks but you will get over it.

for me to transition from bb style front squats to oly style was simply to suck it up an do it.

For me, just sucking it up and doing clean greap front squats did it. I couldn’t really handle shit weight at first, and I’d only do a few sets that way, but after a couple weeks I could grip it and go, full bore.

Just give 'er hell for a few weeks and see what happens.

There are a few stretching exercises you can try before you grab the bar.

  1. Take the fingers of one hand and place in the open flat palm of the other. Push the fingers/wrist back towards the top of the forearm.

  2. Reverse this and place the open flat palm over the fingers of the other hand. Push the fingers/wrist back towards the bottom of the forearm.

  3. Take the fingers of the left hand and place over top of the right hand grabbing the right hand by thebaby finger side. Place the thumb of the left hand just beneath the index finger (this will act as lever). Slowly start pushing on the thumb and pulling the hand/wrist around.

  4. Get on your knees and turn your arms/hands outwards until your fingers are pointing at your knees. Slowly lean backwards towards the fingers keeping the palms on the ground.

These should help.