Forearm Extensors and Flexors Help

If my forearm flexors are pretty strong (i can wrist curl 35lbs.) on both arms, but my extensors are a lot weaker (I have trouble with 15lbs. on reverse wrist curls) ESPECIALLY MY RIGHT FOREARM. My left extensor is much stronger than my right. Should I focus more on my right extensor than my left to even it out, or will that happen naturally over time? Also is it normal to be able to wrist curl more than reverse wrist curl?

The only time you worry about that is, well, never.

You don’t need to worry about balancing your flexor/extensor strength. You don’t even need to worry about fixing your weak chest.

You need to follow a well-designed program for 4-6 months while eating a good diet. Stick with it, without getting distracted or falling off course, and you’ll realize that this piddly little stuff isn’t an issue worth stressing about at all because you’re still under-developed overall.

Okay sorry guys ill just stick to the program im following in arnolds encyclopedia

pretty easy just use a rubber band around fingers and extend them…its simple and effective, you can do it in class, on your job etc

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