Forearm Cramps after Bicep Work

Just wondering if anyone else has this, or knows what causes me to get cramps in my forearms almost every time I do biceps. It comes on several hours after I’m done training and lasts a couple hours. I worked out about six hours ago, and now if I bend my arm past 90 degrees or so it cramps up painfully until I straighten it. It started maybe a month or so ago.
Not my arm

I get these when i go high rep exercise after work, where i am struggling to stay hydrated.
Consider it as a growing pain, plus i noticed when i took creatine or was on heavy cycle this happens, due to dehydrated muscles.

Try playing guitar with these cramps. Fucking nightmare.

Thanks, I have been doing more reps with less weight lately because my wrists have been bothering me. I tore some ligaments a couple years ago, they start to get tender every now and then so I just lighten up and add reps for a while.
And forget playing guitar, I can’t take a drink without my arm cramping up! It’s almost always my left arm, not so much my right.