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Forearm/Calf Weights?


I'm trying to kick up my karate practice a little bit in terms of a workout, and figured that adding forearm/calf weight packs would be the simplest way to add a kick in the ass (and would probably qualify as some single-side work depending on what I'm doing).

Anybody got some recommendations for good forearm/calf/thigh weights which add more than just the like... 1 lb that most things out there add?


The combat section would probably know more about this.

I recommend growing bigger forearms and calves, that way they are heavier.
Problem solved, I'm a genius.


For forearms do lots of grip work. For bigger calves buy a weight vest (much safer on your joints and ligaments) and do lots of jump rope and running with it.


my advice would be to not do what this guy suggested for calves, running with a weightvest is a big no no for the knees


Do not listen to rawr the dog. Running with a weight vest is fine. As long as you run properly (ball of foot and not heel strikes first) and build up it, you will be fine.
Do not confuse running with jogging and don't use excessive weight.
Soldiers run and hump with heavy equipment and most of them are fine. Spending a few hours a week with a weight vest wont kill you.


I'm not talking about developing my forearms and calves, I'm just talking about adding a weighted component to my normal karate practice to kick up the intensity.

Something like these: http://www.sportsunlimitedinc.com/bodytogs-wearable-weights-arm-pair.html

Except preferably something not as expensive and womanly... My calves are already straining a pair of the largest leg weights. I remember someone posting a link to a company that had started making things like these for athletes, that are more like sleeves than ankle/wrist rings, but I can't find it for the life of me...


They're a great idea if you feel like screwing up your striking form. Perform dedicated cardio/energy system work in another training session or after karate.


that could work, I've seen sprinter's run with parachutes on to add resistance...but you really would be better helped by the combat sports forum


I move slowly through my forms when I do them so that I can emphasize my technique. I don't do karate to compete, I do it because I like it and it helps keep me in shape, hence I posted here rather than combat sports.

5 lbs isn't going to destroy my leg, but it would probably help strengthen up my hip muscles when I do side kicks or round kicks.


you never mentioned that first, i still disagree though, the chances for injury would be too high imo which would be why i would stick to just using calf raises for adding muscle, altho he has restated he doesnt want more muscle on them anyway