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Forearm Building, Tips?

FOREARM BUILDING.  What is the best way?

I have no idea what works best on these stubburn ass muscles. I don't have naturally big forearms so I have to put in the extra work trying to build them up.

I've been through these phases:
1- Wrist curls, Reverse wrist curls, Reverse curls, Wrist rollers. No luck here. (although zottman curls we're decent)

2- Heavy gripping, static holds, farmers walk, grippers. Built some strength but not considerable size.

3- (My current program 3x a week for 3 sets of 100 reps) I'm doing rowing exercises using my forearms on a bowflex. After watching the movie "Popeye", I saw he might have gotten those hugh forearms from rowing a boat; after all he was a sailor man.

Well so far this has actually worked better than anything.

I'm wondering if anybody else has something better or just a different way to work the forearms and build them up.

Looking for some exercises or some tips.
Does anybody have any ideas?


Try some push-ups.


I dont know what the best exercise is for you. But here's a few thoughts.

Pinch plates.

Towel chin-ups.

Very heavy deads.

Hope that helps. Farmers are golden as far as I'm concerned.


thanks, it all helps man I'll try anything.


I'll present my 'super method' which I haven't done in years myself(or any f-arm training for that matter) and my forearms are beginning to look a bit pussy.

Take a 2x4 and some thick screws. Grab a screwdriver. Scew one in with with your right arm and take it out with the other.
Next workout screw in with screw in with left arm. And NO FAILURE! You'll be sore as hell, but just take some thin ones and work through it. 3x/week at least - but 1-2 medium-thick ones mon-fri is better. Work your way up soldier.


If your grip is a "weak point" perhaps consider doing rack pulls.

You can handle more weight than a deadlift and then maintain the lockout for as long as your grip will let you.

Other advice I have gotten in the past was to do hammer curls.


If you want amazing forearms, get some books by Larry Scott & Bill Pearl!


And tear them?


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actually smartass, your close

its almost impossible to use your bodyweight in forearms....believe me if i could i would

the closest thing i found to it is hammer grip pullups, another guy mentioned towell pull ups, and right now my grip strength is so strong from all the gripping exercises i've went threw that any type of wrist curl i do is a complete waste of time, a whimpy wrist curl of any sort wont do nothing to a strong forearm but give it a good pump. I'm looking for a high frequency routine of a unique exercise to build size. I have built the strength holding 405lbs and doing dead holds. Right now the rowing is working better than holding the heavy ass weight. I think the high frequency is the key i might have been missing.


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