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Forearm and Neck Blitz?

G’day Coach, i hope you and the family are happy, healthy and doing well. In the same vein as your Ab Blitz routines, i am just wondering if you could train the Forearms and Neck in Blitz fashion e.g 2-3 weeks on 2-3 weeks off?

Absolutely. In fact the more I learn about neck training from some fellow coaches, the more I believe that getting the neck stronger will help improve strength, posture and even power and speed.

I love neck training. I also love forearm training. These are really the only “isolation” work I do. I suggest investing in a neck harness and fat gripz.

For neck, I do the following spread out over ~3 sets:

Neck harness: 100 reps (with 50 lbs). (start lighter than this and build up slowly)
Neck flexion: 50 reps (with 15 lbs) (put a towel between your forehead and the plates. Be sure you’re letting your neck do the work and not your arms)

For forearms:

  1. Slap some Fat Gripz on the barbell, and do reverse curls with high rep sets of 10 or more. Don’t go too heavy here, either, as you want to focus on the forearm.

  2. Throw a couple of dish/hand towels over the pull up bar. Do pull ups holding the towels. Also, just hang from the towels.

Do you ever do side neck lying plate raises? I’ve been doing them lately and loving them.

No. I’ll give them a go. Do you use similar weight to your flexion (or front neck raises?)

Yeah, I use a 10-15# plate and do 2-3 sets. I haven’t done it long enough to notice hypertrophy but my neck definitely feels stronger and more stable.

I have thrown in neck work for a few months during my “rest” periods for squats. I can say I’ve seen dramatic improvement in my neck circumference but I’ve gone from using the 25 on the neck harness to 50, and doing 30+ reps per set, so there’s some progress taking place there.

My circuit basically looks like:

A 1: Squat
A2 : neck work (harness or next flexion with plate on forehead, alternate days)
A3 : abs

Basically allows for some bonus work without interfering with the recovery for the squat work.