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Forcing Catholics to Support Birth Control?



The Obama administration has stirred up new and vocal opposition to its health-care law, as Roman Catholic institutions confront a rule that in their view violates religious liberty.

Institutions with ties to the Catholic church, such as hospitals and schools, say they are getting no exemption from a rule requiring that health insurance plans cover contraceptive services. The administration announced the rule, arising from the Affordable Care Act of 2010, about 10 days ago.

This past weekend, it became a topic in Catholic parishes across the country, as priests delivered statements opposing the step.

They argue that it amounts to forcing members of the church, which has long opposed birth control, to offer it or pay for it in health plans. The coverage of contraceptive services could include abortion-inducing drugs, the church says.


Yep. Well, guess some folks will have to lose their insurance coverage. And that'll be the result of this, by the way.


Somehow, a non-denominational banner in a school is bad. Making Catholics (or anyone for that matter, why should atheists?) pay for birth control coverage...Exactly what the founders had in mind! Isn't it obvious? Heh, doomed.



Sooner or later it was bound to come to a clash, time to show where your allegiance lies.

Mother Church or the Fatherland and dont worry if they start calling you a terrorist, what is the worst that could possibly happen?

Oh right, well, cant be worse than lions, right !?!


Nothing so dramatic. Just drop coverage for all employees.


Well, they did not start out with lions either.

But there will come a time where you can not weasel out of a decision and I do not think that it is that far off.


That is exactly what will happen. It isn't the contraceptives as much as the mandate also includes abortion services and previously said abortion medications.

What choice is there? The church, in good conscience, support these abominations on it's dime. It goes against what we believe. If we accepted it as is, then our words mean nothing. So we have to refuse this.

It is a fact that this health bill is the largest expansion of abortion services on the tax payer dime in the history of the U.S.


But isnt it grand how every reform brings up the topics that we all know will never be resolved, whereas the ones that could are being held at the back of the stage?


I am not sure what your talking about here. This is really about forcing the Catholic Church to provide the ability for and support financially something it is vehemently against. It's a first amendment issue. The church will not be able to provide it's employees with benefits that goes against it's teachings. It's like trying to make PETA employees support the NRA.


Sure and now eeeeeeerryyyyyyone can grandstand, have fundraiser dinners and whatnot, meanwhile the country is still broke, the wars go on, entitlements are still unsustainable....


Ironically, this is exactly the thing the first amendment was written to prevent. It is funny how people today go out of there way to try and use the amendment to attack the church, then completely ignore it in a situation like this.


Everybody is grandstanding anyway about anything. Problem avoidance or flat denial didn't just miraculously appear with this issue. Obama picked a fight he can't win, that's not our fault, we're just not going to do what he says and we will fight it in court.


How do hospitals with ties to Catholic churches work exactly?

Are they solely funded by donations? Is there just a place to pray within the hospital?


Well Christian bigotry is very much wide spread. Most people only selectively apply the rules. When it happens to them they care, when it happens to somebody they don't like, they suddenly do an about face...."Yeah, get them dumb molesting catholics! They're molesters everyone! They should abort them all."


Depends. Some are owned and operated by the church others are affiliated. And patients more pay the bills for most I am sure.


Well said Pat.


Was there not an article about Muslims being exempt from national health care due to there religion. Read this a while back when the bill was being pushed thru. Would the same not apply to other religions as well. No I am not sure about that aspect in the bill but I will try to look for it when I get a chance later tonight.


^^^Love this!

And make the Athiest hospitals pipe in muslim prayer calls.....


First, there is only one Catholic Church.

For a hospital to be tied with the Church there are a couple of things: 1) it must have some administrative functions carried out by either a Catholic diocese or a religious order in good standing with the Church, and/or 2) it is administered by an non-religious organization (read: an organization that isn't a group of monks or nuns) that sees its role as an apostolate of the Church (and is usually based in a certain diocese and subject to the authority of that diocesan bishop).

A Catholic Hospital is a non-profit hospital that exists solely to provide healthcare to a community. Most operate from the fees charged to patients, along with some assistance from the local diocese. As a Catholic Hospital, there is a Catholic chapel on premises, in which the Catholic chaplain (generally a priest) will say Mass daily. In order to be called a "Catholic" hospital, it must adhere to the moral teachings of the Catholic Church, as decided by the bishop in whose jurisdiction the hospital lies.


There's no such thing as an atheist hospital.

You must mean secular hospital. Big difference.