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Forced to Take Break from First Tren Ace Cycle


Hi everyone,

I'm a powerlifter who has about 8 years lifting experience in the gym. I've recently started my fist Tren / Test cycle ever, running a low dose of 50mg Tren Ace EOD, and 400mg Test Eth / week. I have to fly out of state on what will be my 4th week in the cycle unexpectedly, and I'd rather not risk trying to bring my gear with me (I'll make sure to inject enough Test to cover me.) I'll effectively be missing 3 eod injections of Tren and it should be long gone from my system by the time I fly back.

I'm curious if I should start over once I get back for my projected 8 week cycle as if I hadn't missed any injections, or if I should start over? Any thoughts?



it's only 6 days you're missing, just continue when you get back, run your cycle for an extra week, not gonna really make much of a difference.


Figured as much. Thanks for the advice!