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Forced to Miss Dose. How Should I Handle This?

I’ve been on a business trip out of state all week. I packed for my 5 day trip with only 1 dosage of 75mg Cypionate and 350iu HCG. I prefilled the syringes. I dose this twice a week, Sun and Wed. So 150mg total per week.

I had a death in the family and have to extend my trip for the funeral. This means I’m going to miss my dose this Sunday. I will be home late Tue. night.

I’m wondering, do you think I’m going to have issues missing a dose as far as crashing? I’ve been on TRT for 7 weeks now so I’m hoping it’s built up enough in my system and from what I understand HCG keeps your natural production going which should help?

My second question is, should I just completely skip this dose and continue Wed with my normal 75mg? Or, should I double up on Wed to make up for the missed dose?


Hi there, yeah you’ll be more tired than usual, I’m not sure if you’ll “crash” as you’ll still have some T in your system. If it was me I wouldn’t double your dose to get back on track, I’d either take a days worth of T on Tuesday and get back on my regular schedule on Wednesday or do Wed dose on Tuesday with a days extra added in. Then get back on schedule with Sunday’s injection.
You’ll probably have a few weeks of hormanal fluxuation until you hit steady state again.

But more than anything else I wouldn’t worry about it. If you just start back up with normal injections on Wednesday, it’ll workout.

I just re-read and you’ll be getting in late on Tuesday. I wouldn’t worry about it and just start up you’re regular dosing on Wednesday.

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If it’s T cyp or E you will never notice the loss of 75mg. Their halflife is 7-8 days.
I would not worry about it.

Some seem to be more sensitive to injection timing and will report crashing or getting emotional if they are hours off of their daily schedule. Steroid hormones are slow acting, long lasting, so it’s not like an insulin injection or epinephrine.

Once, in an attempt to experience this, I skipped a dose. By the end of the second week, I could tell I was overdue but I still felt fine, not like I didn’t want to have sex or work out or anything. By the end of the third week, experiment over.

I would just take the Wednesday dose and go on from there.

Thanks guys! I greatly appreciate the wisdom!